Sunday, April 13, 2014

4/13/14 - Elder Gillespie Sighting by My First Missionary Companion!

So first of all - it's pretty cool that Evan's FIRST area is Firth, Idaho!
Why?  Because my FIRST Missionary Companion, Liz Gifford (Peters now) - is FROM Firth!  We served together in Blaine, MN when I first got out in the Mission field in April of 1990. I remember that when she told people where she was from she always said this:  "I'm from Firth, Idaho.  It's right next to second." - groaner ;)
Seriously a VERY small world! - I mean - my first, his first! So cool beans!

SOOOOOO then to top it off - I get this note from Liz today after church:
"I saw and spoke with your son today at church! We were in Idaho for my nieces wedding so we went to my parents' ward. He looks great. He spoke in church today and did a great job! You have a wonderful and faithful son. I was very impressed. I can tell he's a great missionary just like his Mom! I guess they stopped by my parents house yesterday but they weren't home (we were all in Rexburg for the wedding). Hopefully next time they'll catch them at home:) Love you! Hope you have a great day!"

Made my day!!!  Woo-hoo!  YES!  I'm a proud Missionary Mom!

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