Monday, June 16, 2014

5/5/14 - Big Changes en Route - 2nd Companion, Elder Thompson Coming!


Welp Elder Larsen is being transferred to Iona, and now I'm going to be leading the area with my new companion Elder Thompson. I'm pretty stoked to meet him he sounds pretty cool, I don't think he has been out for very long so it should be interesting this transfer! It'll be nice for the area to have some fresh blood and hopefully liven things up around here. Also out of the currently 11 companionship's in our zone, every single one of them is getting changed, which is pretty unusual. I can't wait to meet all the new Elders and Sisters and get to know them. I think we have zone training this Thursday, not sure yet though, but if we do, I'll get to meet them all then!

This week we took the A’s to the Temple Visitor Center in Idaho Falls and man, that was a SUPER spiritual and awesome experience. The sisters that gave the tour did a really great job and of course, being women, teared up a bit making it even better lol. Just playin', they really did amazing and brought in such a strong spirit. We also watched a video called "God's Plan" in the V.C. and that was all about families. It talked about how we can be together for the eternities and yeah, I might have dropped a tear or two, as well. I am so excited to have my own family. Likes totes most deff. 

Elder Larsen and I also went to the Temple on Saturday because it'll be the last time we can due to transfers. So that was awesome as it always is. I'm always learning something new. 

So, yesterday was fast Sunday, and I asked for C. A. to fast for his dad, that his heart might be softened and whatever else he felt necessary. So a little back story. V and A are the parents and A is a member, just less-active, C is their 16 year old son (A's step-son) and he has just recently started getting pretty active within the last couple of weeks. Within the last week or so C has basically made a couple of huge decisions. He said that he's pretty much just going to start going to church by himself even if no one comes and picks him up which is WAY stinkin' awesome to hear. AND he wants to go on a MISSION. Yesterday, in church he also got up and bore his testimony on how grateful he was for the missionaries coming to their home, and he told the whole congregation "I'm fasting so my dad will get baptized" and the crowd went wild.. not really, cause we don't do that in church, BUT I was like radiating immense joy and was super happy to see that kid grow. One day, V will soften his heart and listen to what our Heavenly Father is really telling him. 

We got to do a service project for the A's on Saturday as well, so we spent like 8 hours at their house lol. We took apart their deck so they can put a hot tub in and have it like inside the ground when they build up the deck again. Should be pretty cool. C and I got to do some demolition towards the end when all that was left was the foundation of wood to get rid of. That was fun. I love doing service so much for people here. I'm learning a ton too cause pretty much everyone knows everything about DIY out here. 

I foresee a good amount of work headed our direction in the next few weeks as Elder Thompson and I work together in helping others come unto Christ. It's 11:11 make a wish. Love ya, bye!!

Elder G.

(he also wrote the following): I just realized something, I think I might have mentioned a stop smoking workshop once? But anyways I've done that with 3 people now, and it has 100% success rate if followed 100% of the way, it only takes 7 days as well! Maybe make mention to the missionaries in your area about it if they have any less-actives or investigators that struggle with that. It has worked so many miracles. The thing about the program is that it HAS to be taught by missionaries and you can't just give it out to members to look at and stuff. It’s way cool. I'll give you more information later if the missionaries are interested and haven't already heard of it. I'm sure they have though, This workshop is starting to go viral amongst the missionaries. 

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