Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7/21/14 - Exceedingly Marvelous Wonders

Hello all,

The weeks are getting shorter and the days are getting longer! Crazy to think I've been out for over 4 months now. Transfer calls are this upcoming Thursday. I've got a gut feeling I'll no longer be with Elder Wilkinson. It'll be my 4th companion in 4 transfers haha. There are 14 elders coming out this next transfer, so I'm guessing I'll more than likely be training someone… going through the 12 week training program again with a greenie will help me and help him. 

I've been growing a ton these past few weeks as a missionary. I ain't scared of nobody. We're in a walking area and oftentimes we see people in their front yards. I've been getting better at just starting to talk to random people and sharing gospel principles. We have something in this mission called a Standard of Excellence. What that entails is a set of goals each missionary should attempt to reach either daily, weekly, or monthly. Part of the Standard of Excellence is that every missionary baptizes twice monthly, another part is to teach 20 lessons a week, and another one is to invite someone to baptism every day. So far in these two areas I've been in, I've been struggling to reach that standard, but things are slowly progressing in the area and we are coming closer to reaching that. I have made it a goal for myself to open my mouth and talk to everyone I see, and invite someone to be baptized every day. This has become important to me because I only get these short two years to say those words. I've also been developing some super good habits that I hope to keep with me throughout my entire life. 

This week has been crazy! I feel like I say that a lot but it's true a lot of really weird things can happen to missionaries as we are always meeting new people. Elder Wilkinson was sick for 3 days this week so our schedule was way out of whack. But on Wednesday we taught 7 lessons in one day which is the most I've taught on my entire mission, so that was a really sweet experience. Poor Wilky was light headed that whole day and had a headache and we were walkin around in the heat and all dat jazz. Yesterday, we were helping move someone and I may or may not have given myself a hernia. I got a blessing a few hours after it had happened and I know that helped cause today its feeling a lot better. The mission doctor said he's pretty sure it's a hernia but we're just going to wait it out till around Wednesday to see if anything else gets worse or better. I don't think I have a hernia but we'll see, if I do, it's probably just a very minor one and I doubt it would require surgery. 

This week we had interviews with President Brinkerhoff. They went rather well I believe. I'm impressed P-Brink knows my name, there's 250 full-time missionaries in this mission and so yeah I'm impressed. That's something I've been trying to do make sure I do, remember everyone's first and last name that I meet.

A couple of slightly important items: I am only supposed to write hand written letters on Monday now, So it could take a LONG time to respond as we are very short on time on Preparation days as it is. I am not sure if I have told everyone my mission office has moved. So if you want to send anything send it to: 

Elder Evan Gillespie
Idaho Pocatello Mission Office
135 South 7th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

Love you all,

Elder Chillespie

7/14/14 – I Was Meant to Meet This Person…


Hi all,

This week has been busy busy. I swear there are SO MANY reasons I'm supposed to be here in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. I've met many a people that I have immediately gone "I was MEANT to meet this person." Seriously weird how many people that have had a lot of the same experiences and trials that I've had throughout my life. It's always such a sweet experience. I've found out that I tear up a lot when I'm teaching others and helping them either fix their lives through the atonement or just simply come closer to Christ. I haven't cried yet but I still have 20 months to go :). We've had a lot of prayers answered this week. We had a couple of people with baptism dates just have like all of the worst possible things happen to them and we haven't even been able to see them for about 2 weeks now so that’s hard. But there's a lot of good happening too.

The wards we cover have such a spirit of missionary work right now and It's so awesome to see them get excited about loving their neighbors and inviting them to church, or a bbq, or to hear the missionaries. Yesterday we had 4 or 5 people come up to us with anywhere from 1-3 names of people we can go see. That pretty much never happens. One very simple but cool experience we had this week... We went to go visit this lady who we had discovered knew this person we had been trying to contact all week with no success. We just wanted to find out what she knew about them and see if she could help in any way. She ended up not being home so we talked with her husband for a bit, but just as we were leaving she pulled up in the driveway. As soon as she got out I said "We hear that you know someone who we can baptize." She was shocked at first, but she said yeah I do, and so I brought up the name of the person we had been trying to contact and she said she had actually been thinking about them ALL week. So she just started marching right towards their house and we followed haha. She was so ready to introduce us to them and invite them to listen to us. Unfortunately they were not home at that time, but she left a note inviting them to come to a ward breakfast on the 19th. It sounds pretty promising with these people. But regardless of what happens, it made me so happy to see other be so excited about missionary work. Things like that are becoming more and more common. 

Oh btw, did you guys hear the news!?! Its Church official, all of the U.S. missions will be receiving IPads soon (but not all missionaries in our mission will be allowed IPads lol), probably towards the end of fall. Our mission president hasn't mentioned anything about it yet, but I expect to be getting Online Proselyting (Facebook) within the next few months.

Anywho love you all,
Elder Gillespie

P.s. Does anyone have a good oatmeal cookie recipe, I wanna make cookies for this elder gentleman who gives us rides everywhere because those are his favorite. 

7/7/14 – Weird Week – Weird News



Weird week. Got some weird news (Mom’s engaged – yes – Betsy’s engaged!). Got a lot of potential baptisms this upcoming month. Upwards of 5! Pretty Cray Cray. July 4th was good. There was fireworks and whatnot. Watched Frozen. Was good. I'm completely out of time. Love you all! 

Elder Gillespie

Heed to the warning below.

2 Kings 2:23-24
“And he went up from thence unto Beth-el: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head. And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.”

Therefore, thou shalt not mock bald prophets. 

(Seriously – Elder G Cracks me up!)

Here are a couple of pictures from 4th of July:
Evan's in the light blue shirt left of center.

Evan's seated back right light blue shirt.

Here's the picture of Evan's Mom, Betsy & her Fiance' Michael Peila:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

6/30/14 – Baptisms to Star-Treatment for a Fiesta!



We had a crazy week full of lots of ups and downs. We went to 3 baptisms this week and those were awesome. One of the baptisms was Elder Wilkinson's and mine. David Shaw was the man we baptized and that was on Saturday, it turned out reallllly well. The only thing that was kinda funny about the baptism was that the piano player was adding all of these crazy notes to the hymns and she was speeding up and slowing down her tempo so people had a hard time singing along with the music haha, it was rather amusing. I was fortunate enough to be able to perform David's confirmation the following day on Sunday and that was an emotional experience for everyone involved, TOTES LEGIT.

Elder Wilkinson and I are very different people but I feel like we generally agree on things when it comes to missionary work and when we don't, we resolve it, so that has been a blessing. Wilky has been goin through some of the hardest times on his mission this past week and he's pulling through it like a boss. He's a champ and I think we will be great missionaries together. He are pretty different people as far as our interests, but we have lots of the same idea's as far as missionary work goes and when we don't, we resolve it so that has been awesome.

This week was filled with many firsts. First time I was picked up in a Limo for dinner. First time a woman started breastfeeding in the middle of dinner in front of us. First time I could confirm someone.
First time I cried in a talk at Church. First time I've seen my companion go through this rough of a time. First time watching someone almost suffocate to death because his oxygen tank ran out. First time being asked advice on whether this dude should marry a woman that’s not a member of our faith or not. And actually a few more that I will not be mentioning in this letter lol.

So a family last Sunday asked us what theme we wanted for dinner and I, thinking they were kidding, said fiesta in honor of Arizona. So being in a walking area sometimes we get ride to dinner and we were texting this guy trying to get his address. He was very insistent on picking us up instead having the person we were already with drop is off. So we would just saying "Where are you, I'm picking you up" I kinda figured he mighta had something in store for us but I was not expecting a LIMO to pull up. He got out of the limo handed us our mustaches and fake sombrero things and opened the door for us haha. So he took us for a little detour so it took longer to get to his house and everything. When we got to his house he had this whole thing setup with chips, salsa, carne asada, piñata, Mexican sodas and everything lol. At dinner this man's father had his oxygen tank run out and they aren't allowed to have a spare oxygen tank for some reason to just replace when it runs out. So they realized pretty late that the oxygen was gone, and he started having some MAJOR issues, was kind of scary at first. So they run inside to fill it up and it took a good 5 minutes at least before they came back. I was pretty much 100% sure we were goin to need to give him a blessing so that he'd be okay, but everything worked out. After dinner and all of that excitement we were blind folded and went and broke open the piñata. I was going for Elder Wilky more than I was the Piñata but I failed miserably.

We also had a Sister in our mission going home, so we had a fiesta in front of her apartment with our district. Sister Davila is awesome so that was a fun time for everyone. Seriously the most interesting week on my mission - had had a TON OF UP AND DOWNS. like forealz..

Love you all,

Elder Gillespie

6/23/14 – POKEY – New Area, New People, New Excitement About the Work

Ight, so to start off with, Pocatello has been pretty legit thus far. I'm loving being in a walking area. It feels like I'm doing real missionary work haha. We get to do some TRACTING even! So my entire area is probably about 3 square miles roughly and we have some interesting people out in this area. There's this guy (not in my area, in another missionaries, but I met him on exchanges) that calls himself a prophet and he sings super loud in the front of his apartment about God and Paul Bunyon and John Bunyon. Some pretty funny stories about him. When I met him, apparently he had some sort of surgery on his throat and he couldn't talk so he was writing on a piece of paper and showing us. Without going into too much detail… he was the nicest guy in the world…

My companion Elder Wilky is a great dude. He wants to be a sports caster. He loves BYU. He knows about the high school I graduated from (Lone Peak) and was asking me if I knew all the sports dudes that are going to BYU or U of U it was kinda funny. Small world. He actually knows someone that is best friends with someone I know. He is the district leader for our district (I can't remember if I've already said that or not). This is legit gonna be the best transfer. So far I'm 3 for 3 with companions, third companion, third transfer, hopefully I get to stick with this one for at least 2 transfers.

Have had a TON of interesting/different experiences coming from Firth to Pokey. We get honked at all the time, people offering us rides to our next destination, we smell Mary Jane everywhere, WE GET TO TRACT (YEAH!!!!), we get to actually talk to people on the streets (cause we're not in a car), Friday we had a guy run up to us and basically ask us to come talk to him and see if we needed a drink or anything (not a member of our faith), people yell "Hoorah for Israel" at us lol, and that's all I can think of for now. Oh and we have 3 wards, which makes working with our church leaders a LOT easier.

We got to speak in two wards on Sunday and that was kinda scary but DANG they were some good talks that my companion and I gave. I talked about a bunch of different things like loving people, opening your mouth, strengthening ourselves as members etc. etc. and My companion barely wrote anything down and just talked for like 10 minutes in one ward and 20 minutes in the other ward. I pretty much wrote most of my talks for each ward cause you people in the congregation are scary sometimes so I lose my train of thought easily. And we're speaking again next Sunday in another ward.

I'm beyond excited for this transfer and to see where everything goes, BUT I SWARE if elder Wilks gets transferred this transfer, I'm complaining to President because once we just start getting things going they split us up!

Here's a scripture my companion shared in his talk on Sunday D & C 33: 8-11 (below) - It talks about opening your mouth.

Love you all,
Elder Gillespie
Doctrine & Covenants 33: 8-11
“Open your mouths and they shall be filled, and you shall become even as Nephi of old, who journeyed from Jerusalem in the wilderness. Yea, open your mouths and spare not, and you shall be laden with sheaves upon your backs, for lo, I am with you. Yea, open your mouths and they shall be filled, saying: Repent, repent, and prepare ye the way of the Lord, and make his paths straight; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand; Yea, repent and be baptized, every one of you, for a remission of your sins; yea, be baptized even by water, and then cometh the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost.”

6/16/14 – Eli’s Baptism & Transfers

Good Afternoon,

Welp, I'm getting transferred. Right after I pretty much know everyone in all of the wards. Firth will forever be in my heart and I will definitely be back one day after my mission. They're moving me to Pocatello West Stake, on Wednesday, which is also the Pocatello Central Zone. It will more than likely be a walking area. My companions name is Elder Wilkinson and he'll be the District Leader over our District. It sounds like there is a bit of work to be done in the area, so that should keep me busy. It’s bittersweet being moved out of this area. I want to explore the whole mission, but I love the people here in Firth a TON and now I'm up and leaving. I suppose that's all part of being a missionary I'm finding out.

We had Eli's baptism on Saturday, it was a very small service but it went well. It was kind of funny, I was telling Eli how everything was going to happen and I was showing him how I was going to perform the actual baptism and he put his palm on his whole face as I was telling him to use that hand to plug his nose (he thought it was like some kind of symbolism so he just covered his whole face at first). He was raised Jewish (again, he's from Israel) and so I can understand why but it just cracked me up haha. Then as we got into the water he was nervous and started shaking a little bit. He's a great guy, unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to his wedding on Saturday because it’s up in Idaho Falls. This was my first time baptizing anyone!! Hoorah for Israel!

This week was mostly getting loose ends tied up. Oh and by the way, they are PINKWASHING us! Which just means they are replacing Elders with Sisters. So we have just been writing a bunch of notes and visiting with people letting them know what’s going on. Hopefully our notes will help the sisters be able to pick up right where we left off. It's kind of a bummer, because things were just starting to pick up and all these exciting things are coming up in Firth and now we're getting transferred out lol. The weeks seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I'm not quite sure if I like that or not.

Love you all,

Elder Gillespie

6/9/14 – Generosity and Youth Testimonies

Hello you gorgeous people,

Welllllllllllll... hmmm... I'm pretty bad at this emailing thing. I never know what to say. Plus I often times barely even remember the week I just had haha. Well yesterday was a good day, VERY LONG day, but a good one. Our stake just had their trek and my companion and I sat through about 5 and a half hours of testimony meetings in three different wards, talking about everyone’s experiences. It was a super cool thing to hear about. The youth are AMAZING, like holy smokes. Each kid that got up yesterday (with a few exceptions) talked for anywhere from 10-25 minutes on their experiences, and about 90% of everyone that went up were crying at one point or another haha. I can't really describe how strong the Spirit was in each of those congregations, but it was intense man, I even got a lil watery eyed myself, No drops though thankfully. Phew..

I mentioned a few weeks back (I think, maybe not) that we received a phone call from a guy that wanted to know what to do to get baptized. That was exciting for us! He'll be getting baptized this Saturday. He had pretty much no doubts and no concerns except for questions about his family not receiving the opportunity to hear the Gospel (they live in Israel). His fiancé was a huge help in his conversion process, we pretty much didn't have to do anything lol. So yeah, that's happening, I'll probably send some pictures next week.

Be sure to check out the pictures I sent, they be pretty awesome man.
How are things in your world?
I'm pretty scatter-brained right now, SO Imma just end it right here.

Love you all,
Elder Gillespie

P.S. The Church is true.

So, we went over to a members house to follow-up on progress with some people they are working with... Also we were out of milk and they had mentioned before to come over anytime if we wanted to have some goat's milk. So the result of our visit is they pawned off like 100$ worth of food on us; homegrown corn, some pork they raised, some goat meat they raised, some homemade bread (the best tasting bread I've ever had), 2 sacks of again homegrown potatoes, some bagels, 2 gallons of goats milk (which is super healthy and delicious), some farm fresh eggs, some smoked sausage that they raised and slaughtered.. It was funny cause we were just like asking questions about farming and how he grows things and takes care of animals, and he just went off and got us bags and bags of food. It was ridiculous! We're extremely grateful for members out here in Firth and for all they do for us. We're kinda spoiled.

Other picture is just a super small chicken egg that I'm gonna try to cook.

6/5/14 – A Cherished Painting & An Answer to Prayer

Dearly Beloved (Mom),
Here is an awesome paining made by John Woolf, who we have been teaching since the start of my mission. He just picked up a spray can a couple of weeks ago and can already make stuff like this.  His whole family is pretty artistic.  He loves us to death… and loves it when we come over, he knows the church is true, he just is hard to read and figure out why he won’t come to church.  We’re also teaching his sister (there are 10 siblings in their family) and her husband has been going to church the last few weeks and trying to get her to come.  John wants to take us fishing on P-day SO BAD, and I want to go fishing SO BAD, but both of my companions haven’t wanted to, so that has stunk.

My mission is definitely going to be one of the hardest things I will do in my life.  I can definitely already see that.  I feel like Heavenly Father has been pretty silent recently (until last night at least). Last night, I was praying about how to better myself as a missionary and for help with going through this rough couple of months I’ve had… I received an impression of sorts that this is part of His plan and that I need to set everything aside and work on bettering myself, furthering my own knowledge of the scriptures; I remembered my Patriarchal Blessing saying to us Preach My Gospel to identify key scriptures to learn.  It also says to build a spirit of oneness and unity with my many companions, oh and “be patient”, of course…  I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna do that one, but I’ll make it happen.  It’s hard to describe my experience in prayer last night, but basically, it was kind of a “don’t worry about anything, just focus on yourself, and the rest will come”.  Anywho, please take good care of this painting, it’s pretty cool and it means a lot to me.  Hope you’re recovering well, I’m prayin’ for ya!


Elder Gillespie

6/2/14 - Trials of our Faith


So there's a scripture somewhere that goes something along the lines of receiving miracles only AFTER the trials and testing of our faith. Satan has been hard at work on us here in Firth. Not only on us as missionaries, but on everyone we are currently teaching. The closer we get to something good happening, the harder Satan tries to extinguish the fire we just got burning. He's been throwing temptations and hardships at us. Causing people’s lives to become suddenly chaotic and causing a distraction from the Spirit and making it harder to help people come closer to Christ and to teach them about the Gospel. This mission has not been an easy thing... I repeat... NOT EASY. But, I've never made a better decision in my life. Life's good. I've been learning to recognize the strengths that come from my weaknesses, and to also to turn the weakness into a strength! You don't become a better or stronger person by doing easy things. That's why our Heavenly Father allows us to go through things like this and for us to have our own agency. We get to decide how we're going to live our lives whether it be in a righteous or unrighteous way. It's our choice. I truly, truly love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love teaching people about it and sharing my testimony with them. There's a scripture somewhere in Doctrine & Covenants 50 that says something like: he that preacheth and he that receiveth understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together. It's so true, watching people begin to understand things is such a joyful experience to have and you bond with that person immensely. I love visiting people that we have never met and towards the end of our conversation, as we are leaving, they say "You have no idea how badly I needed this today, thank you." It is the best feeling to be a part of this great and marvelous work. There is no greater joy than to watch souls repent and come unto Christ. I've been out for a little over 2 months now and I'm still Evan. But... Compared to who I was 6 months ago... I'm Evan 2.0. And Evan 2.0 is pretty great. I'm having many great and hard experiences out here. The Lord chooses to use the weak and the simple to accomplish great things. Patience and long-suffering tends to be a constant thing throughout my life. It's only being amplified on my mission haha.

I'm a bit short on time today, but I'm doing well, I'm hangin' in there. I love you all! Hope you and your families are well in mind, body, and spirit.

Elder Gillespie

5/26/14 – Not Just Numbers… An Apostolic Promise


Hello lovelies,

So I don't know where to start, Imma just jump right into it. This last weekend was a super cool: Stake Conference, I kinda of already touched on that this last week. What we didn't know until Wednesday was this... Elder Perry and our mission president and his wife had a luncheon sometime over the weekend. During said Luncheon, Elder L. Tom Perry told our mission president that we aren't doing enough... yeah, an Apostle told us that. Now let me just give you an idea of the work our mission has been accomplishing these past 2 years. in 2012, our mission had about 600 baptisms or so, in 2013 our mission had about 900 baptisms or so, this year, in 2014, we had a goal of 1,500 (1 baptism a month per companionship), and we were on track to accomplish that. That's more than double what it was in 2012! Elder Perry STILL said that wasn't good enough lol. He said that this mission is capable of getting 10 baptisms per missionary per year, I.E. 20 baptisms per companionship, which equals 2,500 baptisms (we have 250 missionaries…). Now these numbers are great and everything, but they're not just numbers! I'm guessing in our mission there are roughly 3 to 5 hundred thousand people living within its boundaries. 2,500 of those people are going to be taking a step closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father EVERY YEAR... AT LEAST. Missionary work is definitely being hastened, I can't imagine what will be happening within the next 10 years in regards to missionary work, but it's going to be insane. We're so excited, as a mission, to get to work and put forth our best efforts in order to accomplish this goal/promise Elder Perry has set forth.

So, with this exciting news, we went to our stake and ward leaders and spread the word. Our stake president, President Walker, had every ward announce this in their sacrament meetings and has asked for a special fast for missionary work in this stake. So many miracles happening here in Firth! Now, Elder Thompson and I just need to start finding people we can teach!

In other news, I've hardly been sleeping lately, been waking up like 2-5 times a night. Tried just about everything I could think of to resolve the issue. That makes things a bit harder when you are running on like 4 to 5 hours of sleep and working 16 hour days haha. 11:11 here in Idaho! Quick make a wish!


Elder G.

P-Day fun - Bowling & Laser Tag:

5/23/14 – Busy in Firth and getting a TON out of the Book of Mormon!

Hello guys, just wanted to let you know how everything has been goin! Missionary work is definitely no cakewalk. Not that I ever thought it was going to be easy but man, you know all of those scriptures that talk about enduring long-suffering and patience? Yeah, so far my mission has been a lot of that HaHa. Out here in Firth this time of year is really rough because EVERYONE is busy with one thing or another. Planting, moving cattle, moving pipe, graduation, vacation, etc, etc.  Also in an area like this (with roughly 750-1,000 people, whom are mostly members already) a lot of the work relies heavily upon the active members… So now that all of the members are pretty busy, it’s just us… 

Besides all of that, I’ve learned SO MUCH and I’m really, really enjoying myself out here. The people that actually do talk to us are awesome and I love talking to so many people and getting to know them, even if it’s just a little bit. I’ve never gotten this much out of the Book of Mormon before.  Being on a mission has intensified the power it has to me x10. Hope all’s well back home in AZ and I hope your family is doing great.


Elder Gillespie

5/19/14 – SERVICIO

My dear friends and family,

So this week was AWESOME (say awesome in deep voice and hold the "um" syllable for like 5 seconds). We packed in around 15 hours of service this week and it was a blast. We helped clean up multiple widows yards in the Firth yard, and out here most people’s yards are anywhere from like 2 to 5 acres. That mostly consisted of just doing a bunch of hauling of branches, pine cones, trees, dirt, whatever. Then we helped a library move a bunch of bookshelves (with the books still on them) so we lifted 'em up onto dolly’s and rolled them about 100 yards into a different room so they could lay carpet. Nearly sliced my foot in half cause like one of the dolly’s wheels gave away as I was pulling the bookshelf towards me and I don't really know how to explain it but basically my shoe has been sliced in different spots, and a good chunk of my foot was taken out lol. I'm all good though. Those bookshelves were upwards of 1 to 2 tons so it took 1 dolly on each corner of the bookshelf and even then the dolly’s were breaking. 

Anyways, on Saturday we helped setup a carnival of sorts that one of our investigators was putting together to fundraiser for their non-denominational scout troop that they run. That was a blast setting up and cleaning up, and they had a car show at the same time too so yeah. We had an AMAZING stake conference this weekend, and it was pretty much entirely about member missionary work so I think they are going to be pumped and we're going to get busy real soon. We already had multiple people come up to us and be like, we want your help in setting up a family mission plan. It's all on the Lord's timeline I just hope we start getting busy soon, I've been out for like 2 months and I have hardly been able to teach the normal missionary lessons lol. But I've still been teaching a good amount of other lessons that we pick a subject and talk about it and relate it to gospel principles. I'm pretty good at that if I don't say so myself. The regular missionary discussions I still need to work on though haha. This should be a fun transfer! Hope you and your families are all doing well, I pray for you guys every day.


Elder G.

5/12/14 – Inadequacy Replaced by Testimony

New Companion - Elder Thompson:

Hello lovely's,

This week has been a bit slow as far as missionary works goes, unfortunately. It's also been a good week in that, I've had like a bunch of my own mini epiphanies in regards to missionary work and becoming a better missionary. It's definitely not easy being a missionary. I've often times felt inadequate to be called to serve the Lord and help others come closer to Christ. But it doesn't really matter how much I know, what matters is that I know enough. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its fullness thereof is contained within the Book of Mormon. With that knowledge, being a servant of the Lord is cake. He will give direction and prepare miracles for you to witness and take part in. 

This week was transfers so Elder Larsen (old comp) was packing and saying goodbye to people and on Wednesday when Elder Thompson got here, he was unpacking and I was introducing him to lots of people (still in the process of doing so). So that's a little bit why it's been slow. I can't think of a whole lot to report on this week. One of our investigators opened up quite a bit with us and was honest when Elder Thompson got here and that was SUPER awesome cause we have been teaching them for a LONG time. Sorry just a shorty this week! 10 out of the 11 companion-ships in my zone got changed so we want to go meet everyone and get to know them. We're going to go explore a bit in Idaho Falls, and then go to zone activity. We're playin some volleyball and dodgeball so that'll be fun. Have a very merry week, take care of yourselves, take care of your families, and ask for the Lord's help in all that you do. God is real, he loves us more than we can comprehend, he hears AND answers our prayers, even when the answer is something we don't want to hear. 

Love you all,
Elder Gillespie

Cool glasses huh?

5/11/14 - Mother's Day Skype - Whoot-whoot!

from Betsy (Evan's Mom):  Wow!  That was easy - so wonderful to talk to Evan and 'see' him on Skype! He went around their apartment and 'showed' me his cool digs :)  So thrilled for him & for his service!

He enjoyed making goofy faces, so got this awesome smile in-between!  Sure love this awesome Elder!

4/30/14 - Applications Welcome!

From Betsy (Evan's Mom) - I was UBER-excited to go to the Post Office to pick up a package from Evan (that he didn't put enough postage on btw.....)
And then, to find his very short note and this thorough 4-page dating application! I was punked!!! Still laughing at it all!!! Yes, having a 'nice day!' LOL

Just wait Ev - I'll find some great girls to fill this out!