Sunday, July 20, 2014

5/12/14 – Inadequacy Replaced by Testimony

New Companion - Elder Thompson:

Hello lovely's,

This week has been a bit slow as far as missionary works goes, unfortunately. It's also been a good week in that, I've had like a bunch of my own mini epiphanies in regards to missionary work and becoming a better missionary. It's definitely not easy being a missionary. I've often times felt inadequate to be called to serve the Lord and help others come closer to Christ. But it doesn't really matter how much I know, what matters is that I know enough. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its fullness thereof is contained within the Book of Mormon. With that knowledge, being a servant of the Lord is cake. He will give direction and prepare miracles for you to witness and take part in. 

This week was transfers so Elder Larsen (old comp) was packing and saying goodbye to people and on Wednesday when Elder Thompson got here, he was unpacking and I was introducing him to lots of people (still in the process of doing so). So that's a little bit why it's been slow. I can't think of a whole lot to report on this week. One of our investigators opened up quite a bit with us and was honest when Elder Thompson got here and that was SUPER awesome cause we have been teaching them for a LONG time. Sorry just a shorty this week! 10 out of the 11 companion-ships in my zone got changed so we want to go meet everyone and get to know them. We're going to go explore a bit in Idaho Falls, and then go to zone activity. We're playin some volleyball and dodgeball so that'll be fun. Have a very merry week, take care of yourselves, take care of your families, and ask for the Lord's help in all that you do. God is real, he loves us more than we can comprehend, he hears AND answers our prayers, even when the answer is something we don't want to hear. 

Love you all,
Elder Gillespie

Cool glasses huh?

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