Sunday, July 20, 2014

5/19/14 – SERVICIO

My dear friends and family,

So this week was AWESOME (say awesome in deep voice and hold the "um" syllable for like 5 seconds). We packed in around 15 hours of service this week and it was a blast. We helped clean up multiple widows yards in the Firth yard, and out here most people’s yards are anywhere from like 2 to 5 acres. That mostly consisted of just doing a bunch of hauling of branches, pine cones, trees, dirt, whatever. Then we helped a library move a bunch of bookshelves (with the books still on them) so we lifted 'em up onto dolly’s and rolled them about 100 yards into a different room so they could lay carpet. Nearly sliced my foot in half cause like one of the dolly’s wheels gave away as I was pulling the bookshelf towards me and I don't really know how to explain it but basically my shoe has been sliced in different spots, and a good chunk of my foot was taken out lol. I'm all good though. Those bookshelves were upwards of 1 to 2 tons so it took 1 dolly on each corner of the bookshelf and even then the dolly’s were breaking. 

Anyways, on Saturday we helped setup a carnival of sorts that one of our investigators was putting together to fundraiser for their non-denominational scout troop that they run. That was a blast setting up and cleaning up, and they had a car show at the same time too so yeah. We had an AMAZING stake conference this weekend, and it was pretty much entirely about member missionary work so I think they are going to be pumped and we're going to get busy real soon. We already had multiple people come up to us and be like, we want your help in setting up a family mission plan. It's all on the Lord's timeline I just hope we start getting busy soon, I've been out for like 2 months and I have hardly been able to teach the normal missionary lessons lol. But I've still been teaching a good amount of other lessons that we pick a subject and talk about it and relate it to gospel principles. I'm pretty good at that if I don't say so myself. The regular missionary discussions I still need to work on though haha. This should be a fun transfer! Hope you and your families are all doing well, I pray for you guys every day.


Elder G.

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