Sunday, July 20, 2014

5/23/14 – Busy in Firth and getting a TON out of the Book of Mormon!

Hello guys, just wanted to let you know how everything has been goin! Missionary work is definitely no cakewalk. Not that I ever thought it was going to be easy but man, you know all of those scriptures that talk about enduring long-suffering and patience? Yeah, so far my mission has been a lot of that HaHa. Out here in Firth this time of year is really rough because EVERYONE is busy with one thing or another. Planting, moving cattle, moving pipe, graduation, vacation, etc, etc.  Also in an area like this (with roughly 750-1,000 people, whom are mostly members already) a lot of the work relies heavily upon the active members… So now that all of the members are pretty busy, it’s just us… 

Besides all of that, I’ve learned SO MUCH and I’m really, really enjoying myself out here. The people that actually do talk to us are awesome and I love talking to so many people and getting to know them, even if it’s just a little bit. I’ve never gotten this much out of the Book of Mormon before.  Being on a mission has intensified the power it has to me x10. Hope all’s well back home in AZ and I hope your family is doing great.


Elder Gillespie

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