Sunday, July 20, 2014

5/26/14 – Not Just Numbers… An Apostolic Promise


Hello lovelies,

So I don't know where to start, Imma just jump right into it. This last weekend was a super cool: Stake Conference, I kinda of already touched on that this last week. What we didn't know until Wednesday was this... Elder Perry and our mission president and his wife had a luncheon sometime over the weekend. During said Luncheon, Elder L. Tom Perry told our mission president that we aren't doing enough... yeah, an Apostle told us that. Now let me just give you an idea of the work our mission has been accomplishing these past 2 years. in 2012, our mission had about 600 baptisms or so, in 2013 our mission had about 900 baptisms or so, this year, in 2014, we had a goal of 1,500 (1 baptism a month per companionship), and we were on track to accomplish that. That's more than double what it was in 2012! Elder Perry STILL said that wasn't good enough lol. He said that this mission is capable of getting 10 baptisms per missionary per year, I.E. 20 baptisms per companionship, which equals 2,500 baptisms (we have 250 missionaries…). Now these numbers are great and everything, but they're not just numbers! I'm guessing in our mission there are roughly 3 to 5 hundred thousand people living within its boundaries. 2,500 of those people are going to be taking a step closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father EVERY YEAR... AT LEAST. Missionary work is definitely being hastened, I can't imagine what will be happening within the next 10 years in regards to missionary work, but it's going to be insane. We're so excited, as a mission, to get to work and put forth our best efforts in order to accomplish this goal/promise Elder Perry has set forth.

So, with this exciting news, we went to our stake and ward leaders and spread the word. Our stake president, President Walker, had every ward announce this in their sacrament meetings and has asked for a special fast for missionary work in this stake. So many miracles happening here in Firth! Now, Elder Thompson and I just need to start finding people we can teach!

In other news, I've hardly been sleeping lately, been waking up like 2-5 times a night. Tried just about everything I could think of to resolve the issue. That makes things a bit harder when you are running on like 4 to 5 hours of sleep and working 16 hour days haha. 11:11 here in Idaho! Quick make a wish!


Elder G.

P-Day fun - Bowling & Laser Tag:

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