Sunday, July 20, 2014

6/16/14 – Eli’s Baptism & Transfers

Good Afternoon,

Welp, I'm getting transferred. Right after I pretty much know everyone in all of the wards. Firth will forever be in my heart and I will definitely be back one day after my mission. They're moving me to Pocatello West Stake, on Wednesday, which is also the Pocatello Central Zone. It will more than likely be a walking area. My companions name is Elder Wilkinson and he'll be the District Leader over our District. It sounds like there is a bit of work to be done in the area, so that should keep me busy. It’s bittersweet being moved out of this area. I want to explore the whole mission, but I love the people here in Firth a TON and now I'm up and leaving. I suppose that's all part of being a missionary I'm finding out.

We had Eli's baptism on Saturday, it was a very small service but it went well. It was kind of funny, I was telling Eli how everything was going to happen and I was showing him how I was going to perform the actual baptism and he put his palm on his whole face as I was telling him to use that hand to plug his nose (he thought it was like some kind of symbolism so he just covered his whole face at first). He was raised Jewish (again, he's from Israel) and so I can understand why but it just cracked me up haha. Then as we got into the water he was nervous and started shaking a little bit. He's a great guy, unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to his wedding on Saturday because it’s up in Idaho Falls. This was my first time baptizing anyone!! Hoorah for Israel!

This week was mostly getting loose ends tied up. Oh and by the way, they are PINKWASHING us! Which just means they are replacing Elders with Sisters. So we have just been writing a bunch of notes and visiting with people letting them know what’s going on. Hopefully our notes will help the sisters be able to pick up right where we left off. It's kind of a bummer, because things were just starting to pick up and all these exciting things are coming up in Firth and now we're getting transferred out lol. The weeks seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I'm not quite sure if I like that or not.

Love you all,

Elder Gillespie

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