Sunday, July 20, 2014

6/30/14 – Baptisms to Star-Treatment for a Fiesta!



We had a crazy week full of lots of ups and downs. We went to 3 baptisms this week and those were awesome. One of the baptisms was Elder Wilkinson's and mine. David Shaw was the man we baptized and that was on Saturday, it turned out reallllly well. The only thing that was kinda funny about the baptism was that the piano player was adding all of these crazy notes to the hymns and she was speeding up and slowing down her tempo so people had a hard time singing along with the music haha, it was rather amusing. I was fortunate enough to be able to perform David's confirmation the following day on Sunday and that was an emotional experience for everyone involved, TOTES LEGIT.

Elder Wilkinson and I are very different people but I feel like we generally agree on things when it comes to missionary work and when we don't, we resolve it, so that has been a blessing. Wilky has been goin through some of the hardest times on his mission this past week and he's pulling through it like a boss. He's a champ and I think we will be great missionaries together. He are pretty different people as far as our interests, but we have lots of the same idea's as far as missionary work goes and when we don't, we resolve it so that has been awesome.

This week was filled with many firsts. First time I was picked up in a Limo for dinner. First time a woman started breastfeeding in the middle of dinner in front of us. First time I could confirm someone.
First time I cried in a talk at Church. First time I've seen my companion go through this rough of a time. First time watching someone almost suffocate to death because his oxygen tank ran out. First time being asked advice on whether this dude should marry a woman that’s not a member of our faith or not. And actually a few more that I will not be mentioning in this letter lol.

So a family last Sunday asked us what theme we wanted for dinner and I, thinking they were kidding, said fiesta in honor of Arizona. So being in a walking area sometimes we get ride to dinner and we were texting this guy trying to get his address. He was very insistent on picking us up instead having the person we were already with drop is off. So we would just saying "Where are you, I'm picking you up" I kinda figured he mighta had something in store for us but I was not expecting a LIMO to pull up. He got out of the limo handed us our mustaches and fake sombrero things and opened the door for us haha. So he took us for a little detour so it took longer to get to his house and everything. When we got to his house he had this whole thing setup with chips, salsa, carne asada, piñata, Mexican sodas and everything lol. At dinner this man's father had his oxygen tank run out and they aren't allowed to have a spare oxygen tank for some reason to just replace when it runs out. So they realized pretty late that the oxygen was gone, and he started having some MAJOR issues, was kind of scary at first. So they run inside to fill it up and it took a good 5 minutes at least before they came back. I was pretty much 100% sure we were goin to need to give him a blessing so that he'd be okay, but everything worked out. After dinner and all of that excitement we were blind folded and went and broke open the piñata. I was going for Elder Wilky more than I was the Piñata but I failed miserably.

We also had a Sister in our mission going home, so we had a fiesta in front of her apartment with our district. Sister Davila is awesome so that was a fun time for everyone. Seriously the most interesting week on my mission - had had a TON OF UP AND DOWNS. like forealz..

Love you all,

Elder Gillespie

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