Sunday, July 20, 2014

6/9/14 – Generosity and Youth Testimonies

Hello you gorgeous people,

Welllllllllllll... hmmm... I'm pretty bad at this emailing thing. I never know what to say. Plus I often times barely even remember the week I just had haha. Well yesterday was a good day, VERY LONG day, but a good one. Our stake just had their trek and my companion and I sat through about 5 and a half hours of testimony meetings in three different wards, talking about everyone’s experiences. It was a super cool thing to hear about. The youth are AMAZING, like holy smokes. Each kid that got up yesterday (with a few exceptions) talked for anywhere from 10-25 minutes on their experiences, and about 90% of everyone that went up were crying at one point or another haha. I can't really describe how strong the Spirit was in each of those congregations, but it was intense man, I even got a lil watery eyed myself, No drops though thankfully. Phew..

I mentioned a few weeks back (I think, maybe not) that we received a phone call from a guy that wanted to know what to do to get baptized. That was exciting for us! He'll be getting baptized this Saturday. He had pretty much no doubts and no concerns except for questions about his family not receiving the opportunity to hear the Gospel (they live in Israel). His fiancé was a huge help in his conversion process, we pretty much didn't have to do anything lol. So yeah, that's happening, I'll probably send some pictures next week.

Be sure to check out the pictures I sent, they be pretty awesome man.
How are things in your world?
I'm pretty scatter-brained right now, SO Imma just end it right here.

Love you all,
Elder Gillespie

P.S. The Church is true.

So, we went over to a members house to follow-up on progress with some people they are working with... Also we were out of milk and they had mentioned before to come over anytime if we wanted to have some goat's milk. So the result of our visit is they pawned off like 100$ worth of food on us; homegrown corn, some pork they raised, some goat meat they raised, some homemade bread (the best tasting bread I've ever had), 2 sacks of again homegrown potatoes, some bagels, 2 gallons of goats milk (which is super healthy and delicious), some farm fresh eggs, some smoked sausage that they raised and slaughtered.. It was funny cause we were just like asking questions about farming and how he grows things and takes care of animals, and he just went off and got us bags and bags of food. It was ridiculous! We're extremely grateful for members out here in Firth and for all they do for us. We're kinda spoiled.

Other picture is just a super small chicken egg that I'm gonna try to cook.

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