Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7/14/14 – I Was Meant to Meet This Person…


Hi all,

This week has been busy busy. I swear there are SO MANY reasons I'm supposed to be here in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. I've met many a people that I have immediately gone "I was MEANT to meet this person." Seriously weird how many people that have had a lot of the same experiences and trials that I've had throughout my life. It's always such a sweet experience. I've found out that I tear up a lot when I'm teaching others and helping them either fix their lives through the atonement or just simply come closer to Christ. I haven't cried yet but I still have 20 months to go :). We've had a lot of prayers answered this week. We had a couple of people with baptism dates just have like all of the worst possible things happen to them and we haven't even been able to see them for about 2 weeks now so that’s hard. But there's a lot of good happening too.

The wards we cover have such a spirit of missionary work right now and It's so awesome to see them get excited about loving their neighbors and inviting them to church, or a bbq, or to hear the missionaries. Yesterday we had 4 or 5 people come up to us with anywhere from 1-3 names of people we can go see. That pretty much never happens. One very simple but cool experience we had this week... We went to go visit this lady who we had discovered knew this person we had been trying to contact all week with no success. We just wanted to find out what she knew about them and see if she could help in any way. She ended up not being home so we talked with her husband for a bit, but just as we were leaving she pulled up in the driveway. As soon as she got out I said "We hear that you know someone who we can baptize." She was shocked at first, but she said yeah I do, and so I brought up the name of the person we had been trying to contact and she said she had actually been thinking about them ALL week. So she just started marching right towards their house and we followed haha. She was so ready to introduce us to them and invite them to listen to us. Unfortunately they were not home at that time, but she left a note inviting them to come to a ward breakfast on the 19th. It sounds pretty promising with these people. But regardless of what happens, it made me so happy to see other be so excited about missionary work. Things like that are becoming more and more common. 

Oh btw, did you guys hear the news!?! Its Church official, all of the U.S. missions will be receiving IPads soon (but not all missionaries in our mission will be allowed IPads lol), probably towards the end of fall. Our mission president hasn't mentioned anything about it yet, but I expect to be getting Online Proselyting (Facebook) within the next few months.

Anywho love you all,
Elder Gillespie

P.s. Does anyone have a good oatmeal cookie recipe, I wanna make cookies for this elder gentleman who gives us rides everywhere because those are his favorite. 

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