Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/8/14 - Truth Shall Make You Free

Elders Gillespie & Downey at the Idaho Falls Temple
Good Day,

John 8:31 – 32 (“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”)
- If we follow in Christ's footsteps we will be made free. It really amazes me. The natural man is so quick to yield to sin. There are so many people that are out there that have no idea. They truly believe that living the gospel is so hard because it is so restricting and has many limitations as to do and don'ts. They cray. Sin binds us to the "gulf of endless misery and woe". It does not provide us with any kind of everlasting joy and happiness. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what does that as we follow God's commandments. We are in fact living on His earth. Everything we use is his. Even our bodies were GIVEN to us. Thus why we must treat them with respect. But what is so amazing to me is that we as humans (natural men) are so easily deceived by Satan and we temporarily forget that all in all living the commandments and following Christ's teachings will bring us ultimate joy. When we have done all that we can to follow Him that is when, by our Savior’s grace, we are saved and are able to dwell in God's presence again.

Well I found out I'm getting transferred AGAIN! 5 companions in 5 transfers now haha. Elder Downey and I already kind of knew that we weren't going to stay together though anyways. We got along way too well. I'm going up to Shelley Idaho, basically back to where I started my mission! I'm super excited we get to reopen an area up there. AND I GET TO TRAIN A NEW ELDER! WOOOO! I'm super stoked. I'm going to learn so much this transfer. It's rather bittersweet though, I'm sad to be leaving ANOTHER area after 3 months and after having gotten to love the people there so much. I've been making lots of life long friends in this last area and it'll be fun to go back and visit them in a couple of years. Every companionship in my new district up in Shelley is training. It's pretty rare to have that happen. Plus there are 5 companionship's in my district. I really hope I get to do all 12 weeks of my 'Son's' training. Anywho, I'm outty, gotta go get stuff prepared for transfers on Wednesday. 

Love y'all,
Elder Gillespie

Missionary caravan up to Idaho Falls for a Train the Trainers meeting. 
Was a fun 40 minute car ride. 

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