Monday, November 24, 2014

11/24/14 - Turkey's

Elder Evan Gillespie's Missionary Plaque *

Hello Friends and Family once again!
Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of our Father. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is something special. Seeing Angels or even God and Jesus Christ and denying such is not the same as denying the Holy Ghost. The feelings the Holy Ghost brings to us aren't comparable to any other. ONLY by the power of the Holy Ghost can we know the truth of all things, Moroni 10:5. I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church that contains the fullness of the gospel. There are a lot of things I do not know. I'm very simple in my testimony right now. I'm still learning the basics. But what I do know has been a blessing to my life. I'm so blessed to have been touched by the Gospel in this life. Life is not easier because of what I know. I've been scarred whilst walking this journey of mortality. Scars can heal. Jesus Christ is the enabler, the savior, the redeemer, the lamb without blemish... He's also my Brother. I love him. I can't say for sure I know him yet, but I'm getting to know him slowly, day by day. Because of Him I'm capable to do all things. Do not be afraid. In the standard works there are 365 accounts in which we are givin' the advice to fear not. Carry on with hope in Christ and love for all. I'm out of time for today. We only had an hour for emails. Our preparation day will be on Thursday this week. We found out transfer doctrine this Wednesday. I'm not sure if we'll email again on Thursday. Have a wonderful time with your families everyone. 

Love you!

*Evan left for his Mission from Glendale Arizona in March, 2014. In August, his Mom (me - Betsy) re-married and relocated to Idaho Falls, which is IN his Mission... yes - weird - but it's awesome to be so close to each other!  Love this Elder and his ever-growing testimony and service! -- Betsy Peila <3

11/17/14 – Pain is Temporary

Hello SNOW!   Elders Gillespie & Wright in Shelley, Idaho

Elder Gillespie's Snow Angel in Shelley, Idaho

Hello All,
The past three weeks have been tragedy after tragedy. It's been hard to see people at their rock bottoms. They feel helpless. We are working with people whom have lost loved ones to suicide, drugs, drinking and driving, etc. I don't think I've ever wished more that someone would accept the Gospel. Why do we fall? Why does God suffer us to experience such things? Why must we go through pain at times. Pain is temporary, it may last for a minute, or an hour, or a day, or even a year, but eventually it will subside! If we quit, however, if we give up, if we throw in the towel, it will last forever. At some point in our lives, eventually the very fabric of our reality will tear open. Our world may seemingly fall apart.  Jesus Christ has done so much for us. He hurts when we hurt. He hurts even more when we don't utilize the tools he has given us to heal our open wounds. I just want to say to some of these people, GET UP AND DON'T EVER GIVE UP!  1 Nephi 20:10 :
"For, behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction."

God knows us better than we know us. He has given each and every one of us agency. He allows evil and suffering to occur for a reason. We do not need to fully comprehend why. We must understand that He loves us. He is there to comfort us in time of need. Living in darkness is a lonely road. Don't allow Satan to influence and encourage stinkin' thinkin'. Sometimes we need to take a trial like an extra cut on a diamond. Every time we go through a trial we gain knowledge, wisdom, and light. As we remain righteous and obedient. Pain is temporary. Happiness CAN be felt for eternity if we've live the way our Father in Heaven has asked us. Love one another. Ask and ye shall receive. Hold to the iron rod. Repent and change your ways. Look at trials as a direct compliment from our Heavenly Father. 

We've been very blessed this week. We just received word that a couple of investigators we have been teaching have parental permission to be baptized after a couple of years of investigating. We're on the verge of having 7 people with a baptismal date. Two weeks ago we had no one with a baptismal date. Things are hoppin'. Life's good. I'm happy. I have a conviction of the truthfulness of the teachings within the restored Church of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the knowledge we have been given. I'm grateful for what those before me have gone through so that I may receive the many blessings I get from reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I'm grateful for the Latter-day prophets we have to be the mouth-piece of our Father in Heaven. 

I love you all,

Elder Gillespie

(Note from Betsy:  The Snow Angel and these two pictures below were sent to me by members of the church in Shelley in Evan's area - here's my Facebook post from 11/16:  My heart is so happy today!!! I just got this picture from someone of a snow Angel that Evan made yesterday saying that their house had their very own 'Snow Elder' watching over them  It's so fun that we made snow angels yesterday too! -- guess us Arizonans LOVE the snow and making snow angels the SAME day - SO FUN!)  

Monday, November 10, 2014

11/10/14 - Manic Monday

Another day for Rest and Relaxation... HA not... 

Had an interesting past week. We found a new family yesterday the husband is Hindu and the wife is Buddhist. The wife is from somewhere called Laus (Southeast Asia)? Somethin' like that. The husband is from India, we had a very satisfying conversation about the world. It was interesting to talk to the man about life. He said one thing he has found in every religion he studied is that one of the commonalities amongst them all is that they teach some sort of brotherhood, or love of all man and things. One thing that he brought to my attention and realization is that yes here in America we are very blessed with the things we have. But are we happy with it? Yes India may be VERY poor and the parts of Southeast Asia the wife is from may be VERY poor. But what's our definition of poor. We came into this life with nothing, and no matter what temporal thing we gain in this life, we will depart from this life as we came into it, with nothing. People who have nothing, have EVERYTHING compared to some of us with more 'things'. Knowledge and wisdom in the things of the world is what will truly make a man rich. We as Latter-day Saints, KNOW that as we carry on into the next life we get to keep that knowledge and wisdom that we have gained on earth and bring it into the next stage of the Plan. Doctrine & Covenants 93:36 (“The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth.”) Educacion es mas importante! 

This Friday we will find out if a couple of our investigators will be able to get baptized! Parent permission is a problem for about 7 investigators we're teaching. They'd all be baptized in a heartbeat if they had permission. We have a 70 coming to the mission tomorrow to do a 'Mission Tour'. Should be very spiritually uplifting and edifying. We're excited to see what he feels inspired to share with us. 

I'm out of juice fellas. 

Love ya,

Elder Gillespie

Food for thought, Moses 8:18 (“And in those days there were giants on the earth, and they sought Noah to take away his life; but the Lord was with Noah, and the power of the Lord was upon him”).

(from Mom, Betsy: Here's a couple fun pictures from our Sister Missionaries who serve with and know Elder Gillespie - one wrapped up in the quilt he made me when I went through my cancer journey and the other with 'his' dog Xena - our Miniature Pinscher! --- They have been a blast to give rides to and teach with!  It's awesome to hear how beloved Evan is throughout his Mission!)

Sisters Rawlins & Kolbo - serving in the 
Mill Run Ward in the Eagle Rock Stake, Idaho Pocatello Mission

11/3/14 - Eternal Potential

Hello Friends and Family,

The proceedings of this week: LOTS more tracting :), I've been learning a lot being able to follow-up with the sisters in the district every night, We've planted A LOT of seeds Dinner with a recent convert of mine named Dakota Colson, I was 3 days in the mission field when he was baptized, it was cool to catch up with him as he moved almost right after the baptism so we couldn't teach him the follow-up lessons. He moved back to Shelley so now we might finally get him those lessons taught. It's been 7 MONTHS since he's been baptized and missionaries in Idaho Falls never picked him up and started teaching him. It's so easy for people to fall through the cracks, unfortunately. 

For Halloween, from 6-9:45pm, we watched Tarzan and Frozen. I've now officially watched Frozen twice... On my Mission. I didn't think I'd like Tarzan, but after not having seen it since I was 8-10ish years old, I kind of enjoyed it! I was dying with a headache though so that was rather unfortunate. Been having quite a few headaches lately, now I kind of know how Elder Downey felt. 

I'm in a debacle, I really would like to stay in an area for longer than 3 months in hopes to get to know and love the people a bit better, but I kind of like having a change of scenery. So right now I actually think I would prefer to leave Shelley at the end of the transfer (December 3). I think it'd be good for Elder Wright to take lead in an area as well. It'd be a good growing experience for him. It'd force him to take lead in teaching situations and other situations as well. I'm almost positive one of us is leaving though. I think 3 months may be the longest I'll ever have a companion. I guess we'll see I can’t pretend to prophesy of things to come.  

I have this gift from God. I wish I could share it with everyone. The gift I have is the love for everyone whom I come in contact with. This gift was not given all at once. It was developed over time. Through many different experiences in my lifetime, I've developed this attribute. Now when I say this, I do not mean I have a perfect Christ-like love for everyone, I'm still imperfect, but for the most part in reflection on things in past and in present, I understand people in a different way than most. I can look at a person with genuine love knowing that he is my brother or she is my sister, no matter what they look like what they are involved in or how they act. I'm so grateful for this aspect of my life. I hope to bless the lives of many with this God given gift. I don't consider myself a very powerful teacher of the Gospel. I don't know that I really am efficient as a missionary as far as applying the, I guess you can call them, 'tactics and skills' that a missionary should have. I do my best to recognize how I can improve myself in hopes to be able to do ALL THAT I CAN to spend these two years wisely and bring as many souls unto Christ as God has placed in my path. I dread a day to come in the future in the which I may come across those whom I simply walked by that God was preparing to hear the Gospel and I did not have the faith to invite them to do so. No one is as complete as Christ was, but the Gospel has blessed my life so immensely, it'd be wrong not to share this joy with others. As I share the gospel with those in my areas I feel God's love for them and for myself. I desire nothing but the destruction of Satan's armies and the exaltation of my loved ones. Look at the people around you and see their eternal potential...

2 Nephi 26: 27-30 (“Hath he commanded any that they should not partake of his salvation? Behold I say unto you, Nay; but he hath given it free for all men; and he hath commanded his people that they should persuade all men to repentance. Behold, hath the Lord commanded any that they should not partake of his goodness? Behold I say unto you, Nay; but all men are privileged the one like unto the other, and none are forbidden. He commandeth that there shall be no priestcrafts; for, behold, priestcrafts are that men preach and set themselves up for a light unto the world, that they may get gain and praise of the world; but they seek not the welfare of Zion. Behold, the Lord hath forbidden this thing; wherefore, the Lord God hath given a commandment that all men should have charity, which charity is love. And except they should have charity they were nothing. Wherefore, if they should have charity they would not suffer the laborer in Zion to perish.”)

Elder Gillespie

10/27/14 – You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello!

The life of a missionary in a short sentence, "Not interested, not interested, not interested." WE'RE NOT SELLING ANYTHING! JUST ADVERTISING HOW TO OBTAIN ETERNAL LIFE! It's always a blast here in Idaho. Elder Wright and I have subjected ourselves to doing quite a bit of tracting this last week. We saw some fruits from it, but not much. A lot of our current investigators are really busy right now and it's been super difficult to get in touch with them. We still don't have a car so it's a bit hard to get to a couple of the Wards we cover. You learn to kind of just make a game out of it. After having being out long enough you kind of get desensitized to rejection and rudeness and you ain't scared of nothin'! Sometimes you'll get people that say, "Wow, I've never seen that approach before... not interested," there's a good amount of satisfaction that comes from that haha. Super lame email this week, I'm out of juice, I woke up with absolutely no energy this morning. So I'm going to go relax, get some pizza, write some letters, and go work some more. 

In short, I love you all...

Elder Gillespie