Monday, November 10, 2014

10/27/14 – You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello!

The life of a missionary in a short sentence, "Not interested, not interested, not interested." WE'RE NOT SELLING ANYTHING! JUST ADVERTISING HOW TO OBTAIN ETERNAL LIFE! It's always a blast here in Idaho. Elder Wright and I have subjected ourselves to doing quite a bit of tracting this last week. We saw some fruits from it, but not much. A lot of our current investigators are really busy right now and it's been super difficult to get in touch with them. We still don't have a car so it's a bit hard to get to a couple of the Wards we cover. You learn to kind of just make a game out of it. After having being out long enough you kind of get desensitized to rejection and rudeness and you ain't scared of nothin'! Sometimes you'll get people that say, "Wow, I've never seen that approach before... not interested," there's a good amount of satisfaction that comes from that haha. Super lame email this week, I'm out of juice, I woke up with absolutely no energy this morning. So I'm going to go relax, get some pizza, write some letters, and go work some more. 

In short, I love you all...

Elder Gillespie

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