Monday, November 10, 2014

11/10/14 - Manic Monday

Another day for Rest and Relaxation... HA not... 

Had an interesting past week. We found a new family yesterday the husband is Hindu and the wife is Buddhist. The wife is from somewhere called Laus (Southeast Asia)? Somethin' like that. The husband is from India, we had a very satisfying conversation about the world. It was interesting to talk to the man about life. He said one thing he has found in every religion he studied is that one of the commonalities amongst them all is that they teach some sort of brotherhood, or love of all man and things. One thing that he brought to my attention and realization is that yes here in America we are very blessed with the things we have. But are we happy with it? Yes India may be VERY poor and the parts of Southeast Asia the wife is from may be VERY poor. But what's our definition of poor. We came into this life with nothing, and no matter what temporal thing we gain in this life, we will depart from this life as we came into it, with nothing. People who have nothing, have EVERYTHING compared to some of us with more 'things'. Knowledge and wisdom in the things of the world is what will truly make a man rich. We as Latter-day Saints, KNOW that as we carry on into the next life we get to keep that knowledge and wisdom that we have gained on earth and bring it into the next stage of the Plan. Doctrine & Covenants 93:36 (“The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth.”) Educacion es mas importante! 

This Friday we will find out if a couple of our investigators will be able to get baptized! Parent permission is a problem for about 7 investigators we're teaching. They'd all be baptized in a heartbeat if they had permission. We have a 70 coming to the mission tomorrow to do a 'Mission Tour'. Should be very spiritually uplifting and edifying. We're excited to see what he feels inspired to share with us. 

I'm out of juice fellas. 

Love ya,

Elder Gillespie

Food for thought, Moses 8:18 (“And in those days there were giants on the earth, and they sought Noah to take away his life; but the Lord was with Noah, and the power of the Lord was upon him”).

(from Mom, Betsy: Here's a couple fun pictures from our Sister Missionaries who serve with and know Elder Gillespie - one wrapped up in the quilt he made me when I went through my cancer journey and the other with 'his' dog Xena - our Miniature Pinscher! --- They have been a blast to give rides to and teach with!  It's awesome to hear how beloved Evan is throughout his Mission!)

Sisters Rawlins & Kolbo - serving in the 
Mill Run Ward in the Eagle Rock Stake, Idaho Pocatello Mission

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