Monday, January 26, 2015

1/19/15 – Happiest When Teaching the Gospel!

Selfie by Elder Gillespie, Wright & 2 others in Shelley, Idaho

I'm happiest when teaching. There is no replacement for being in a lesson with them and rejoicing when they begin to grasp and know of the truths we speak as truths. We've been the catalyst for change in many peoples' lives. There is no better recipe for happiness other than first, obedience to our Father in Heaven and second, serving His children. I wish there were more people for us to teach!!!!!! There's pro's and con's to every mission in the world. Some have seemingly more pro's, some have seemingly more cons. One of the con's in our mission is also a pro. That is... the highly concentrated amount of active LDS members around here. One pro, is that we indeed get to know who and where all of the non-members are fairly quickly. Some wards we have even mapped out where all of the less-active families are and where the active families are and where the non-members are. In some wards/areas it turns into a waiting game. We wait for new people to move in or we wait for their hearts and minds to be more receptive to the hearing and learning about the Gospel. It's frustrating at times. Then again at other times it's a blessing because we (should) have so many members working on these few individuals or families at one time. Another con is they may feel overloaded. Another pro is that we are fed meals every day except for Mondays. Another pro is that we get honked at and waved at and essentially adored by everyone here. When a car with a couple of teenage girls drive by and offer us a ride knowing we, of course, cannot accept their offer. Doesn't get old though haha. In Pocatello there were a few occasions where similar things would happen. For example, someone would pull over and ask us if we worship Satan and if we'd be interested in going to church with them... Or better yet, if we go to church 'medicated'-- "Missionaries on weed!!!!!" We have some rather humorous things happen... especially in Pocatello. In Shelley, we are amidst a much more mellowed out crowd. 

Off of this random tangent... Elder Wright and I are working on preparing Elder Wright to be a senior companion this next transfer if called upon to do so. We put together a plan and essentially what the plan entails is that we switch off every week taking the role of fulfilling the responsibilities of a senior companion. This last week was the first week Elder Wright took over everything. It included things like getting us to places on time, making sure planning happens, calling to confirm dinner appointments, inviting people to be baptized, starting and ending lessons, extending commitments, and I'm sure I'm missing a few others. It turned out well I believe, we both learned a lot in some aspect or another. This week I'm going to take lead and we'll switch off again every week. I think this will be a huge help and I'm excited to see the outcome. Super scatter-brained email, I apologize... Have a wonderful week! 


Elder Gillespie

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