Monday, February 2, 2015

2/2/15 – The Power of Prayer and Fasting

Elder Evan Gillespie at the Idaho Falls Temple

Elders Wright and Gillespie at the Idaho Falls Temple

This week has been an uplifting week for us and the district! Lots of wonderful things going on. It's amazing the power of prayer and fasting. Also, the power of the Spirit as it testifies to those whom we come in contact with. We had a pretty intense lesson a couple of weeks back with a family with an 11 y/o son and an 8 y/o daughter named Preston and Adyson. They have been torn between two worlds. Dad says this this and this... Mom says that that and that. Dad had felt kind of betrayed and not properly informed of what the church was like before he joined it and soon thereafter removed his records. The Mom has been in and out of inactivity for a while, but ever since we've worked with her she has been completely and totally active. We pray she'll make it to the temple soon. But back to the lesson, the Mom and Dad have joint custody and we teach the kids the just the Mom usually. Cheryl (the Mom) invited Cobi (the Dad) to one of the lessons and it was a pretty rough lesson. It felt pretty dark and the spirit was very hard to discern. BUT with that lesson the Dad ultimately decided it was the kids’ decision as to whether or not they get baptized. We were of course very excited with that, but the downfall is with the difference of each parents’ views they've been up and down with wanting to be baptized. Preston specifically has prayed 3 times... 3 times... that he can know whether or not baptism is something Heavenly Father wants him to do. EACH and every time he has gotten a strong and clear answer that he needs to. On our second lesson with them the first thing that was said before anyone could say anything was Preston exclaiming, "Guess what guys... I got an answer last night when I prayed.. I felt warm and tingly and I know I need to get baptized". It's always very cool to hear that. All of us  (Cheryl, Preston, Adyson, Elder Wright and I) fasted and prayed this past Sunday (which is when we found out Dad gave permission) and we are hoping and praying that when we see them next, they will come running, just as before, with the knowledge that Heavenly Father wants them to get baptized. Elder Wright and I sure do love that family and we are excited to see the blessings of membership in church enter into those kids lives'.

I'm outtie... 

Elder Gillespie

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