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2/23/15 – Our First Parents and Leadership Assignment

Elder Evan Gillespie on his way to being a Zone Leader in Chubbuck, Idaho

I've been gettin' into doing genealogy lately, I don't have much time for it but man it's exciting! I just connected to a line that goes back to Adam and Eve. So someone I'm related to has been doin' quite a bit of work. I'm slightly upset that it all connects by itself, but it's also REALLY nice.. I just would have fun doing it all myself though.

Anyways... we got the news this past week for what is going on in transfers! I'm going down to Chubbuck (bordering the area I was serving in when I was in the Pocatello West Stake) and I'll be serving with Elder Olson. I LOVE Elder Olson, he is one of my first Zone Leaders. About 6 weeks ago, He and I were grabbing some lunch with a couple of other missionaries and we were talking about transfers and he ended up leaving. BUT we were talking about us serving as Zone Leaders together before he 'dies' in the mission. He has three months left. Chances are that he and I will serve together until he goes home. I'm going to learn a TON from him. It's pretty exciting. He's a very wise man and always has deep insight to provide in any given situation. 

I'm actually going to call it quits for now. I'm way too excited right now to do some genealogy. All is well here in Shelley and the next time you here from me I'll be serving in Chubbuck.

Elder Gillespie

Note from Betsy – two things – First, Evan was doing Genealogy and said, “I just figured out that our line connects to Adam and Eve!!!” – I went back through my Mother’s line and discovered the same…  my note: WOW! Seriously WOW! I'm sitting here in Happy Tears - just heard from Evan and he's headed to Chubbuck Wednesday and he proclaimed that our Genealogy goes back to Adam & Eve! Last Dad said - he got to the mid-1500's many years ago... So I started clicking through Mom's line and found a TON of royalty, French kings, British kings, dukes, priests, saints, etc.... but what touched me was when I went back and found Abraham and Sarai (Sarah) - through his son, Jacob ben Isaac, King of Goshen, (yes - the Same Jacob and Rebecca love story of the Bible).... Just seeing the 'reality' of the relation to father Abraham brought me to grateful tears - for our heritage.... It means WAY more to have this relation than that of any king or duke... Then a few more clicks, Shem, Noah, Enoch, Enos, Seth and there they were - Adam and Eve - Father and Mother of all living! WOW! Seriously... I've read over those lists of names in the scriptures over and over and they were all so long ago - very distant... but now - it's REAL - they're Family.... I guess I always 'knew' this and believed it... but yes - it's there, it's real... oh and YES - we ALL are Family... I’m SOOOOOO uber-grateful for Evan’s discovery!  Yes, we are all truly brothers & sisters!!! Because Family Happens!

Second – For Evan to be assigned to serve as a Zone Leader is a huge responsibility, humbling blessing and I couldn’t be prouder of the man he’s become! Here is a copy of the letter that Evan received that they sent me:

Dear Elder Gillespie,

This letter confirms the assignment I extended to you to serve as a Zone Leader.  Congratulations on this assignment.  With this assignment, great trust has been placed in you.  I trust that you will be an example of:

·         Exact obedience-the blessings that come to missionaries, who are obedient with exactness are immeasurable, and by being an example you will be able to help the missionaries in your zone be obedient.
·         A Preach My Gospel missionary so that you can show the missionaries how to be successful.
·         A leader who lifts and inspires the missionaries with love.
·         A missionary who is focused on your purpose to bring others to Christ.
·         A leader who is diligent, humble, and effective

Remember to always call upon your Heavenly Father.  The Lord will qualify you for this work as you rely upon Him in faith.  You can also call on the assistants and me for counsel and guidance.

As with all assignments in the Church, at some point in time a release will be issued.  Until that time serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength in furthering this work. It is a privilege to serve with you, in this leadership role.


Marvin T. Brinkerhoff

Mission President

Elders Jeremy Harris, Evan Gillespie, Elder Dalling, Michael Bregg, Bryce Merkley

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