Friday, March 20, 2015

3/16/15 – Mid-Mission Testimony!

Elder Evan Gillespie in Chubbuck, Idaho:
"I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later..."
Friends and Family,

I come to you in a letter of humility and gratitude for all that I've been witness to in my life. I've gained a greater love for life and for that light that is available for all to receive. Times in life all of us walk through fog or through some darkness. Some remain in darkness longer than others. I don't know that I believe you can ever walk through darkness without at least being able to see a small light burning far in the distance. Fun fact, our eyes are 1 million more times sensitive to light if exposed to complete and total darkness. We as sons and daughters of our loving Heavenly Father have been born with what's called the light of Christ. That gives us an inherent ability to recognize good and bad. We all know which is which and can discern light. It is up to us to make the decision to walk towards the light. The closer we get the brighter it becomes. That light is essentially our eternal salvation. The goal is to eventually bathe in the illumination of the goodness of our God and obtain eternal salvation. The Atonement made for man is sufficient for all. It was the great and eternal sacrifice that we may feel relief from feelings of guilt and shame. We need to be courageous and step towards the light as we travel through the dark. We don't know what we might trip over, we may even decide to turn back on the path because we already know what is there, but that light is always there and always burning waiting to guide us on the straight and narrow path back to our Heavenly Father. When we fall, the only way we'll ever stand is on our knees with lifted hands. I have in many ways turned away from the light at points in my life. I willingly walked back into the dark. The hurt that comes from watching a person you love and care for walk into the darkness is deep. It is a deep hurt, because you have developed much charity and love and desire the eternal welfare for that person. You know their eternal potential and you feel hopeless in being able to help at times. I testify that we will have to experience these sorrows at times in our life; we have to know the dark to know the light. I bare witness that there is nothing you can do to turn our Father in Heaven or Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, away from you. He is always there with open arms waiting to receive you. He is the one holding that candle in the far distance. I know that there is much joy to be experienced in this life. DO NOT ALLOW SATAN TO ALLOW YOU TO FEEL CONTENT. Contentment is the downfall of man. There is much work to be done yet. Do not 'flatline' on the rollercoaster of life. There is MORE to life. Never give up and always get up! We must realize we are not perfect. We have been chosen to be on earth in this day and age. We are among our Father in Heaven's most valiant and courageous spirit children to willingly go down at a time like this. Amongst all of the evils of the world that we are being deceived by and encouraged to perceive is good or not that bad, there is the good. There is the great. There is the AMAZING! 

How many of us do follow the most basic of our Heavenly Father's commandments?....

Yet, we sit back and wonder where our Father is and why He has been so quiet, why He would allow these things to happen. We wonder why He hasn't blessed us. It's like I'm murdering someone I just lie here a little and there a little; where are my blessings, where is my joy? I love each one of you and desire for you to experience the peace and joy and consolation that I have been able to experience on my mission and in my life. Heavenly Father has provided a way back. That is His Son, remember Him, it is because of Him we can have that joy I keep speaking of. It is because of Him that we can be an eternal family. 

Elder Gillespie

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