Monday, March 9, 2015

3/9/15 – Love Being a Zone Leader in Chubbuck!

Hello my Lovelies,

My thinkin' juices must not be flowin' very freely because I can't think of much to say. I suppose I can begin with... This has been ANOTHER crazy busy week. I'm loving the work here in Chubbuck. Elder Wright and I, in Shelley, got to the point where we knew every single person's house in 2 of our 4 wards whether or not they were a member. Here in Chubbuck we cover 6 wards and there's so much new blood to approach. We currently have 3 investigators on date to be baptized in he coming 6 weeks or so. Hopefully, by the end of next week we'll have 4. The leaders in the stake and wards are on fire in this area. 

I hit my year mark of being on my mission this Thursday the 12th! Crazy how it has flown by. Also, scary because I don't know that I ever want to go home! I've grown so much and learned so much as a missionary... Elder Olson has been sick for 3 weeks now, so that's been a bit frustrating for him I'm sure. He is on the upswing though and we are going to get SO MUCH work done this upcoming week, I'm can't wait to see what the rest of the transfer has to bring us in this area.

As for the zone.. I'm loving being a zone leader! I'm still learning a lot about how to lead a zone, It's a lot different than being a district leader, because you're companion isn't a district leader also, when you're a zone leader you have to work with another brain when planning or things, sometimes it's a benefit and sometimes it causes you to take twice as long to accomplish something fairly simple haha. We have SO much to do as Zone Leaders along with trying to keep busy in our proselyting and setting the example for our zone. The zone has its struggles that's for sure. It's interesting having a new perspective on different little things. I'm also able to pull information from a lot more resources than I previously could have. I am able to interact with many more missionaries on a different level and learn how they have seen success in certain aspects of their mission. It's awesome.


Elder Gillespie

Note from Betsy - Saturday, March 7th was Elder Evan Gillespie's 21st birthday! He has grown into a funtabulously wonderful man and is well-loved and respected by those he serves and serves with here in Idaho - we are blessed by his service in our lives and it is a blessing beyond compare that he's serving our Father in Heaven so selflessly.  It was a beautiful day when you were born Evan and you make it a beautiful life with all you do and who you are!  Love you!  - Mom

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