Tuesday, June 9, 2015

4/20/15 – Fasting Brings Miracle after Miracle after Miracle…


This has been a miraculous week amongst the members of the Chubbuck Zone AND the Idaho Pocatello Mission. I do not have words sufficient to describe all that has happened. This past week we had a fast on tax day as a mission. We have been telling our zone members for the past month or so, to TELL US YOUR MIRACLES. And all we hear are crickets (though they have been happening). Suddenly this mission fast on Wednesday happens... Miracle, after miracle, after miracle. This morning we met as a zone just so we can talk about all of the miracles that have happened and rejoice with one another. Here are a few examples of what we've seen:

-We blitzed a Spanish companionships' area in Aberdeen/American Falls this past Saturday. A blitz is where multiple other companionships visit another companionships area to work in it for a few hours or so. These 'blitz's' are done in hopes to setup appointments, find new investigators, sift the wheat from the tares, etc. etc... Five out of the seven companionships were at this blitz, and every companionship was able to setup at least one appointment with a new investigator in a total of around one and a half to two hours of proselyting. That doesn't happen.... Many church materials were passed out and many testimonies were bore in that area. 

-One of our baptismal dates dropped this past week due to personal concerns. She will likely still be baptized but not when we were hoping. One day after that, we got a voicemail from some Elders in the stake we share saying that they set a date... in our area... for May. To make that make more sense, the mission’s goal again is to have every single companionship baptize two individuals in the month of May. We already have one solid baptismal date, but with the other one moving back we got a little bit nervous. Then we get that voicemail... Our area is set for May. We are now able to spend more time in other companionships areas, helping to uplift encourage, and inspire. We love the missionaries we serve amongst. 

-An investigator named Raymond Simpson moved to American Falls recently. The Elders serving there were telling Elder Duano of this miracle that happened as I was interviewing one of their investigators for baptism. The Elders walked up to someone in church thinking that he may have been a non-member and started talking to him... This is what he said, "I've been looking for your Elders, I want to get baptized." Now, to add onto that, Raymond, was an investigator I taught about 8-9 months ago when I was in Pocatello the first time serving in the Pocatello 9th ward. Raymond and I had a lot of things to connect with, I was able to identify with him pretty well. Unfortunately, for us, he moved to another area due to lack of funds. Now nearly 8-9 months later, he will finally be getting baptized! I'll be able to go see it too!!! 

I've got about 4 or 5 more I could tell you about, but we don't have much time. We are taking our zone on a hike by President and Sister Brinkerhoff's house today and giving one of our missionaries a surprise birthday cake. President will actually be joining us on the hike, so that should be fun! I'm grateful to be serving with Elder Duano and learning from his example, as well as all of the other missionaries here in this zone. Anyways, we gotta run, love you all!

Elder Gillespie

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