Monday, June 22, 2015

5/11/15 - Hardness of Heart

Elders Duano, Olson & Gillespie with the Thomas's at their Baptism

I would not be a good blog writer. I have the hardest time remember what things have taken place even if it was just the day before. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way we can receive peace, joy and happiness in our lives. It's also the only way, if you look into the eternities that is. If we obtain peace, joy or happiness through any other way, it will not last. Just as Satan uses 'miracles' to draw the hearts of men away from truth he also desires for us to feel of those false securities that can come in this life. It is vital to take a step back and look at yourself and ask, "Am I being deceived?" "Is this what God's will is for me?" If we get caught in the lies and devices of Satan we will become content. Everything just simply becomes, "Life is 'good enough'" or "I'm not perfect, God will understand that I can't follow ALL of the commandments" or "I'll be okay if I just live a good life" or "I can change later, I'm not ready now". This mindset is false and not of God. The Holy Spirit will never justify sin for you. If you think it is or has in the past then it is likely that you are listening to the wrong spirit. Too many people we work amongst here in Idaho are caught up in the worldly things. Their families are lower on their priorities than their things. The temporal pleasures of the world become seemingly more important than our eternal happiness and peace. It is widely forgotten that we came into this world naked, and we will leave this world naked. Our most important roles in this life will be as family units to support, love, and serve one another. Our ultimate goal is to receive exaltation and eternal life with our FAMILIES. Some people have been raised in such a way that even their own families are insignificant to them. Video games, drugs, sex, money, FRIENDS, all become more important than one's own family. I'm witness to many of God's children having, as the scriptures say, hardness of hearts and being unwilling to change. I believe I have even met some whom Satan has obtained full power over and their only way back is when they learn of our Father’s perfect Plan of Happiness for us in the next life. That is what is so great though, is that our Father in Heaven does have a perfect plan for us. If we don't accept the Gospel in this life we will have the opportunity in the next. Heavenly Father knew of the wickedness that we would face in this day and age. He has prepared several things to guide us and protect us... Prophets, the restored Priesthood, the Book of Mormon! So many wonderful things are abounding throughout the world that we have access to. The world has never before had so much access to the light of the Gospel. My understanding of the Gospel is very simple and minuscule even. But the joy I have received is great! The peace I have received is great! I know enough to be successful in carrying out our Father's will. 

This past weekend, the rest of the Thomas family was baptized! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! (Every day is actually). This work is indeed work, but I have desires to serve God, thus I am called and blessed with talents and abilities to bless others with. If you want to be happier quicker... Serve others! That's one of the quickest ways to forget the worries and troubles of your own life. Anywho, I think that email suffices for this week. More to come in the months following. 

Elder Gillespie

p.s. I'm not a huge fan of point and shoot cameras... 

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