Monday, June 22, 2015

5/18/15 - The Best Life

Elder Gillespie & Elder Duano in the background on P-Day

Sample of Elder G's Mad Photography skills! - Bleeding Heart

Missionary life is the best life. So much growing and learning takes place as a missionary. Our foundations for the entirety of our lives' are being formed and shaped based on our diligence in these short two years or 18 months. The foundation can be one of gratitude for our Savior and obedience to the Lord or it can be one of casual adherence to the precepts taught in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we teach others, we ourselves learn by the Spirit. Joy is boundless as we strive to shine the light of the Gospel upon all those with whom we have been entrusted to serve. I learn so much from Elder Duano as I witness him utilize the talents and abilities God has given him. He has taught me what it means to be unified in teaching, how to more effectively interact with missionaries entrusted to our stewardship, and many other things. I'm grateful to have another 5 weeks to spend learning from him and the experiences we will have. With other transfer news, it's only a 5 week transfer, Elder Wright is coming to the zone to be with my Minnesota buddy, Elder Gross. I'm excited to be back around him! I just wish our zone was a bit bigger. 15 missionaries is not very much for an entire zone...


Positive affirmations... They really work. They make you chuckle too because of how goofy they are. It's sometimes hard to learn how to enjoy yourself when for hours on end you are swimming in rejection. 

THERE IS SO MUCH SUBSTANCE TO THIS LIFE! There is SO much to experience. Mastering the principle of goal setting and prioritizing will be vital in living a fulfilling life. I want to see the world and experience all of the different cultures in the world. I want to learn new languages. I want to be a doctor, a photographer, a Father, a Husband, a missionary. I want to know and understand everyone and why they are the way they are. I want to see them as through God's eyes. I want to accomplish all that there is to accomplish. Yet, our Father has plans for me, it is my duty to align His will with mine. I just want to experience all of life all at once. I'm kind of tired of sitting, waiting, and allowing things to just happen. I want to be the driving force that makes them happen. 

Love you all,

Elder Gillespie 
Yes, Yes... that really 'is' a tarantula !

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