Monday, June 22, 2015

6/22/15 - YUP! --- District Leader/Trainer Again


Elder Duano goes to the mission home today at 4pm! Then he's gone forever! His last official proselyting hours were finished last night at 9:30. I don't ever want to send another companion home haha. It's horrible! I'm excited to go from a missionary going home to training a new missionary again though!! They rotated me back to being a District Leader / Trainer. So I find out who I'm training tomorrow night! I'm guessing it'll be a missionary named Elder Danielson, just based off of looks, but who knows, there are 11 Elders coming out and one of them is Spanish speaking. SO with the huge changes that they made in the mission with President and Sister Brinkerhoff going home and 26 other missionaries as well, they had to completely restructure everything. So my district will only be 3 companionships, but it will be all Elders so that means I'll have to be going on a lot of exchanges again. Just like back when I had 6 companionships, which I loved! I think it was inspired that I be dropped down back to training a new missionary because of certain circumstances of things happening in American Falls. I'm pretty anxious for Wednesday to roll around when I get my new companion. I anticipate a lot of growing to happen this next transfer! I'm guessing I'll be with him so that I can fully train him. So 2 transfers... But again, YA NEVER KNOW. This next transfer is going to be 7 weeks long because they shortened the last one to 5 weeks with President Brinkerhoff going home. So it will be a LONG transfer too! Then again, it might be short because I'm training again, so we'll see.

Love you all,
Elder Gillespie

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