Wednesday, July 8, 2015

6/29/15 – I love you - and New Comp Elder Kim & Being a DL again

Elders Gillespie & Kim in Chubbuck, Idaho 

My new companion's name is Elder Kim! He came to Idaho from Massachusetts, Boston area, and he just graduated high school about a month ago! It's kinda weird to be training again. It's fun though, I keep forgetting how new everything is for him. The first time I trained I was prepared and super aware, but now I just keep getting into situations where I have to remember 'Oh yeah, he has never done this before, huh?' He is awesome though, he's super willing to work hard and study hard. We have been doing a lot of role plays with different hard scenarios we find ourselves in with our investigators. He's not nearly as resistant as I was when I first came out. Serving as a District Leader again is weird, but also quite the challenge to take on. Our key indicators are pretty low right now. This week in the three companionships we have we only taught 10 member present lessons when what I'm used to, is teaching closing to 25-35 member present lessons in a week, as a district. I'm pretty ready to whip some boys into shape and get teaching/baptizing in this district. The hard thing though is that 3 out of the 6 missionaries go home from their missions in 7 weeks... so.... yeah.

So to bounce back to facts about Elder Kim.. He plays the piano, the cello, and singing isn't really his thing. He's funny, he really wants to ride a bike and I keep telling him no.. it's too hot.. plus we have a car haha. We'll see if I give in. His birthday is October 23rd. He likes wonton soup. He likes rice. He does not like basketball or ping pong. He is the oldest of 4 so he's setting forth a good example for the little ones coming up behind him! So yeah... BUENO!

I got some cavities filled today. That was fun. I almost asked the nurse for her number again and told her she was cute, like when I got my wisdom teeth out, but then I remembered that I was a missionary so I held my tongue. But I randomly started giggling in the middle of whatever they were doing because that very thought ran through my head. It's probably good that I didn't because she is probably in her late 30's early 40's and has a family. 

The missionary work here is great as ever. We are getting a new mission president TODAY. The End. 


Elder Gillespie

Couple Cavities and some Giggles going on...

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