Sunday, October 11, 2015

10/6/15 - AWESOME 'Thank you'

Received this Thank You note from Elder Kim:

"Sister Peila, I'm grateful to have trained under Elder Gillespie. He was very patient with me and I learned a lot from him. I just wanted you to know that you have raised a phenomenal Missionary who loves the Lord and His work. 
Thanks again!
 - Elder Kim"

Heart melted, teary-eyes.... feeling uber-blessed !   <3
Evan was recently transferred to Idaho Falls (yes, here - yes - crazy) - to an 'undisclosed' location!  I learned from our Sisters when I went out with them the other night that he is in their 'zone'/  I also heard that he was recently sighted at Deseret Book! Wow - the Lord sure has wonderful things in store for us both and things happen for a reason. Sure love Evan with my whole heart! 

- Evan's (uber-proud) Mom, Betsy Peila

10/5/15 – ‘Knowing’ Comes from Work

Hello Hello - Time is short!

Life is gettin' ready to smack me in the face pretty soon here. Sometimes I sit in wonder and awe of all that has happened these past 19 months hoping that it has been sufficient for our Heavenly Father, hoping that my foundation has been built strong and that I will be given strength to have the desire to continue nourishing my testimony. I do indeed know of the factuality of the event of the Restoration, not because of any divine manifestation or miraculous knowing, but because of WORK. I worked at it and for it. I know for a certain that the Lord will use me where He needs me and where I will grow the most. I've seen it over and over in my life how I will be placed somewhere for specific reasons, some known, some unknown, and how much I benefit from it and hopefully benefit others as well. One thing I've come to know and understand that as my faith in my Savior and His Atonement grows, so does my faith in myself and my future grow. I know and understand the purpose of trials and "hard" things, though sometimes I seem to forget it. I've learned that Heavenly Father, as the potter, may need to shape me as many as 50 to 100 times until I become a Saint. Sometimes, due to my imperfections, he may even need to throw me back into the mill to be ground over again and reshaped! I know I must become passive and not resist the Fathers will. We each have our own "bitter cup" which we must partake of throughout our lives. The blessings promised, however, are marvelous. I have lots of things I continue to work on. I always wish that I was a better missionary. 


Elder Gillespie

9/28/15 - The Celestial Kingdom


I have been here for a total of like 5 days... This place is heaven. From a missionaries point of view it is really fun to live here. There are sooo many people to teach and so many friendly people too. There seems to be a lot more Anti-Mormon stuff goin down out here, but also a lot more people willing to talk. My new companion and I have A TON in common, I think we will get along really well this transfer. I HOPE to finish my mission in this area, but "thine will be done".  I am going to learn a lot about a lot of things these next 6 months or so. I can feel it.. 

Elder Gillespie

This lil' bro is gettin' baptized in the middle of October hopefully!

9/21/15 – I only have 6 months more of emails! YAY!

Hello Everyone,
I'm going to be honest, I kind of dread emails. But, that's okay, I can deal with it if you can. Here's the update:
Transfers - I'm moving to another area in Idaho Falls. I will not be specifying where.... My new companion's name will be withheld for now for purposes unknown. Elder Kim is training a new missionary in Chubbuck.  I'm so excited for him!
If you want to know anything else feel free to ask.

Elder Gillespie!

9/14/15 – A Deeper Understanding

Elder Evan Gillespie in Chubbuck, Idaho
Hello Everyone!

So, It has just occurred to me that I have 4 transfers left of my mission... That scared me. 

I feel like I still have so much growing to do on my mission and that 6 months is NOT enough time to do that. Thus far though on my mission, I've become very aware that Heavenly Father has a plan for each individual that has lived, does live and ever will live. I do believe that the choices we make may cause us to deviate from the original paths that were prepared before us. BUT even with that Heavenly Father is perfectly resourceful and makes due with our inadequacies and faults. He is the only one who can factor in every circumstance in our lives' that influences who we are and what we do and make a judgment based on that. I've been grateful to experience what I have thus far in my life. I've been beyond lucky. I at times feel highly unsuccessful in my purpose as a missionary, but at other times, understand my imperfections and forgive myself and move forward. 

Yesterday, I was able to take part in the ordination of a man named Cody, that we have been working with since I've gotten to the area, 7 months ago. He was ordained to the office of an Elder and had the Melchizedek Priesthood conferred upon him. His wife was baptized May 9th and he finally was ready to take the next step in his life. They will be going to the Temple, to get Sealed, early next year, and I'm hopeful to be able to attend that as well! These are the things we live for as missionaries. 

Transfer calls are this upcoming Thursday, so whatever happens, happens! I'd be happy to stay and I'd be happy to go. I trust that the Lord will use me where he needs me. Elder Kim is doing awesome, he's grown a lot these past 3 months as we've thrown him in the furnace time and time again. 

Anyways, that's all for now, 

Elder Gillespie

(P.S. I still miss music a lot, but I promise that I'm still a consecrated missionary!)

He also wrote:  “My companions are doing awesome, I hope I get to stay another transfer here in Chubbuck so I can continue working with Elder Allbright and hopefully get him out there as a full-time missionary!”

9/16/15 - "To Elder Gillespie's Family,
We enjoyed having your son in our home Sunday evening for dinner. 
He has been a great missionary for our area. Thanks for letting him serve in Pocatello Idaho.
The Durrant Family"

9/7/15 - Let It Be Known

Let It Be Known that Jesus Christ is our Savior

Hello All,

We are in the last dispensation. These are the latter days. Jesus Christ, our Master, cannot come again because we are not ready yet. He anxiously awaits for us to HURRY UP. So "LET IT BE KNOWN" to the world that Jesus Christ is our Savior. 

What does it actually mean that He is our Savior? Why did He have to die for us? How does His suffering make up for our mistakes? 

All of those are questions that I've had and I'm sure many others have as well. They are answered through the scriptures and through the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. Every bit of spiritual knowledge that I have obtained is founded upon faith as a first principle of the Gospel. We are told to experiment upon His words. I've taken it upon myself to do just this. As I exercise faith and diligence, I am rewarded accordingly as our Heavenly Father wills. Agency is certainly a bugger though. As we exercise it with righteous intents, good things happen. It's all very simple, but we complicate it with the natural man. 

Let it be known to the world that Jesus Christ is our Savior and sit back, relax, and take comfort in righteous living. Be an example of good, NOT a good example, and you will witness countless miracles, I certainly have. We are never too far beyond the reach of the saving power of the infinite and everlasting atonement. You can always choose to walk back into the light.

Elder Gillespie

9/1/15 - More Holiness Give Me

Elder Gillespie & Elder Kim in Chubbuck, Idaho
Hello Everyone,

I've come to realize something special as I listened to the words of a speaker in church a couple of months ago. I used to have this mental image in my head of how we are to receive blessings in life of a 5 gallon jug hovering over our heads. This 5 gallon jug was filled with many 'blessings', but those blessings were being held in by a lever. This lever is only opened as we keep specific commandments, and even then we receive only specific blessings that are tied into those commandments. 

Doctrine & Covenants Section 130 Verses 20-21 read: "There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated-- And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated." 

Thus is essentially where I obtained this imagery. But, I now think of it this way... Heavenly Father is ALWAYS pouring blessings down upon his children. BUT, as he rains them down, our disobedience, our ignorance, or stiffneckedness causes us to put up an umbrella and those blessings go to waste. They are not permitted to enter into the crown of our heads. As we strive to be obedient and as we strive to love God and keep His commandments, we let down that umbrella and allow ourselves to receive "all that the Father hath". This imagery is true. Our Father loves us, and it is our agency, that either prevents or encourages blessings to fall down in abundance in our lives'. I'm grateful for this knowledge. We each face different levels of fiery furnaces continually in life to prepare us for eternal life in the life to come. We also each choose differently how we are going to make it through these furnaces. Sometimes we don't even realize we're being put into a furnace and we think, 'Why me?!'. Long-suffering is quite a challenge! I know this. I struggle with patience! When it comes to certain things, I'm just flat out NOT patient! I want my weaknesses to be made strong... NOW! Not tomorrow, not next week, not years to come, but now... Yet, I have not yet been able to perfectly align my will with my Father's will, thus my lack of understanding of certain trials and why I must go through them. I can only hope that by continuing to do the small and simple things it will be easier to make the right decision when I come to the fork in the road between good and evil. Satan appears to be an angel of light at times and will strive to deceive us into transgression. I love my Heavenly Father, I love Jesus Christ, my Divine Redeemer and my Savior.  I love President Monson. I am far from perfect. I make SO many mistakes. I regret many of my mistakes. But I know that because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, I will be made whole one day as I continue to Endure. This is the message I hope for all the world to know. This is the message that I only wish everyone in our area would receive. This is a message of hope, of light and of truth. 

Elder Gillespie

Hymn #131 More Holiness Give Me

More holiness give me, more strivings within
More patience in suff'ring, More sorrow for sin,
More faith in my Savior, More sense of his care,
More joy in his service, More purpose in prayer.


More, Savior, like thee.

8/24/15 – Part-Time Companion = MORE Than Full-Time Blessings

Elder Gillespie & Elder Kim on 9/1/15 in Chubbuck, Idaho
"Your Elder Gillespie is a great missionary. Our ward does Ward visits every month and prior to everyone making visits we meet together as representatives of the auxiliaries and discuss who we would like to visit, the Elders attend also. I was so impressed with the way Elder Gillespie cares about the people that he's serving. He is very wise and mature and is a great leader. I appreciate Elder Gillespie's example of diligence and sacrifice."

Hello everyone,

I try to avoid saying the typical, "This week was good" as often as I can, but this week wasn't the best anyways so it works out. I got sick on Tuesday and am still currently fighting something. Tuesday, I woke up with muscle fatigue, it felt as though I had climbed Mount Everest without having done so, obviously. The following days I suffered from various, random symptoms and to this day we have no idea what it was causing all of it other than just like a mutated virus or something. So we didn't get to do much work, and that's frustrating. 

We are getting a third, part-time, companion in the companionship! His name is Elder Allbright and he has Asperger syndrome. He lives in one of our wards and thus why he was assigned to serve with us. So he won't be living with us or anything, but he will be coming out to proselyte with us on occasion. Our goal is to involve him in as much as we can to prepare him to serve as a full-time missionary called in another mission. Right now, he is only at the capacity to serve as a service missionary. We're very excited to work with him and have a whole new set of experiences that will come along with that. 

Elder Kim is doing great and I am loving learning with and from him. We still wish we were teaching a lot more than what we are, but we are working hard so that's that. 

Good news is I'm still alive, I'm learning lots, and Heavenly Father loves me

Elder Gillespie

More in his email to Mom:  Yep, crazy busy, that's me! I'm glad we are getting a new challenge with Elder Allbright coming here because I'm tired... in multiple meanings of the word, I'm tired... With Elder Allbright coming to serve with us, I may be kept here in Chubbuck for another 3 to 4 months, we'll see what happens. This is actually a pilot program the mission is doing, so they want me to take lots of good notes for things that did and did not work. He is actually assigned to ME specifically, President wants me to work with him and train him to make him capable to serve in the capacity of a FULL-TIME missionary. So I'm really excited/nervous about all of that. I'm pretty certain that in the future when I start having children of my own, they may have special abilities as well... So maybe I'm being prepared. We'll find out! Anywho, love ya, thanks for all the support and encouragement. 

8/17/15 – Lots of Happy ‘WOO!’

ALRIGHT! SO!! Elder Wright ended up not being in my district so I am sad. Today we are hiking, WOO! I'm making another slideshow for our zone, so, I'm taking lots of videos and pictures, WOO! Elder Kim is awesome, WOO! I'll have been in Chubbuck for 7 months at the end of this transfer, WOO!  I feel like this probably sounds really sarcastic, WOO!  But, it's not... I LOVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. The atonement is awesome! Our investigators are beloved sons and daughters of God. Amen.

Elder Gillespie

8/10/15 – Elders Kim & Gillespie Still Together

9/1/15 - Elders Wright, Luchs, Gillespie & Kim at Transfers in Pocatello, Idaho


Ok, the UPDATE! Elder Kim and I are staying together! YAY! That means both of my sons will not have a step-father. Also, my first son, Elder Wright, will be training a new missionary as well! I'm super excited for him! On top of that! ALL of my posterity will PROBABLY be in my District! Pictures soon to come. We find out today whether or not they are going to put Elder Wright and his new companion in our District or not. That's really all I have to say for this week! 

Elder Gillespie