Sunday, October 11, 2015

10/6/15 - AWESOME 'Thank you'

Received this Thank You note from Elder Kim:

"Sister Peila, I'm grateful to have trained under Elder Gillespie. He was very patient with me and I learned a lot from him. I just wanted you to know that you have raised a phenomenal Missionary who loves the Lord and His work. 
Thanks again!
 - Elder Kim"

Heart melted, teary-eyes.... feeling uber-blessed !   <3
Evan was recently transferred to Idaho Falls (yes, here - yes - crazy) - to an 'undisclosed' location!  I learned from our Sisters when I went out with them the other night that he is in their 'zone'/  I also heard that he was recently sighted at Deseret Book! Wow - the Lord sure has wonderful things in store for us both and things happen for a reason. Sure love Evan with my whole heart! 

- Evan's (uber-proud) Mom, Betsy Peila

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