Sunday, October 11, 2015

8/24/15 – Part-Time Companion = MORE Than Full-Time Blessings

Elder Gillespie & Elder Kim on 9/1/15 in Chubbuck, Idaho
"Your Elder Gillespie is a great missionary. Our ward does Ward visits every month and prior to everyone making visits we meet together as representatives of the auxiliaries and discuss who we would like to visit, the Elders attend also. I was so impressed with the way Elder Gillespie cares about the people that he's serving. He is very wise and mature and is a great leader. I appreciate Elder Gillespie's example of diligence and sacrifice."

Hello everyone,

I try to avoid saying the typical, "This week was good" as often as I can, but this week wasn't the best anyways so it works out. I got sick on Tuesday and am still currently fighting something. Tuesday, I woke up with muscle fatigue, it felt as though I had climbed Mount Everest without having done so, obviously. The following days I suffered from various, random symptoms and to this day we have no idea what it was causing all of it other than just like a mutated virus or something. So we didn't get to do much work, and that's frustrating. 

We are getting a third, part-time, companion in the companionship! His name is Elder Allbright and he has Asperger syndrome. He lives in one of our wards and thus why he was assigned to serve with us. So he won't be living with us or anything, but he will be coming out to proselyte with us on occasion. Our goal is to involve him in as much as we can to prepare him to serve as a full-time missionary called in another mission. Right now, he is only at the capacity to serve as a service missionary. We're very excited to work with him and have a whole new set of experiences that will come along with that. 

Elder Kim is doing great and I am loving learning with and from him. We still wish we were teaching a lot more than what we are, but we are working hard so that's that. 

Good news is I'm still alive, I'm learning lots, and Heavenly Father loves me

Elder Gillespie

More in his email to Mom:  Yep, crazy busy, that's me! I'm glad we are getting a new challenge with Elder Allbright coming here because I'm tired... in multiple meanings of the word, I'm tired... With Elder Allbright coming to serve with us, I may be kept here in Chubbuck for another 3 to 4 months, we'll see what happens. This is actually a pilot program the mission is doing, so they want me to take lots of good notes for things that did and did not work. He is actually assigned to ME specifically, President wants me to work with him and train him to make him capable to serve in the capacity of a FULL-TIME missionary. So I'm really excited/nervous about all of that. I'm pretty certain that in the future when I start having children of my own, they may have special abilities as well... So maybe I'm being prepared. We'll find out! Anywho, love ya, thanks for all the support and encouragement. 

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