Sunday, October 11, 2015

9/14/15 – A Deeper Understanding

Elder Evan Gillespie in Chubbuck, Idaho
Hello Everyone!

So, It has just occurred to me that I have 4 transfers left of my mission... That scared me. 

I feel like I still have so much growing to do on my mission and that 6 months is NOT enough time to do that. Thus far though on my mission, I've become very aware that Heavenly Father has a plan for each individual that has lived, does live and ever will live. I do believe that the choices we make may cause us to deviate from the original paths that were prepared before us. BUT even with that Heavenly Father is perfectly resourceful and makes due with our inadequacies and faults. He is the only one who can factor in every circumstance in our lives' that influences who we are and what we do and make a judgment based on that. I've been grateful to experience what I have thus far in my life. I've been beyond lucky. I at times feel highly unsuccessful in my purpose as a missionary, but at other times, understand my imperfections and forgive myself and move forward. 

Yesterday, I was able to take part in the ordination of a man named Cody, that we have been working with since I've gotten to the area, 7 months ago. He was ordained to the office of an Elder and had the Melchizedek Priesthood conferred upon him. His wife was baptized May 9th and he finally was ready to take the next step in his life. They will be going to the Temple, to get Sealed, early next year, and I'm hopeful to be able to attend that as well! These are the things we live for as missionaries. 

Transfer calls are this upcoming Thursday, so whatever happens, happens! I'd be happy to stay and I'd be happy to go. I trust that the Lord will use me where he needs me. Elder Kim is doing awesome, he's grown a lot these past 3 months as we've thrown him in the furnace time and time again. 

Anyways, that's all for now, 

Elder Gillespie

(P.S. I still miss music a lot, but I promise that I'm still a consecrated missionary!)

He also wrote:  “My companions are doing awesome, I hope I get to stay another transfer here in Chubbuck so I can continue working with Elder Allbright and hopefully get him out there as a full-time missionary!”

9/16/15 - "To Elder Gillespie's Family,
We enjoyed having your son in our home Sunday evening for dinner. 
He has been a great missionary for our area. Thanks for letting him serve in Pocatello Idaho.
The Durrant Family"

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