Sunday, October 11, 2015

9/7/15 - Let It Be Known

Let It Be Known that Jesus Christ is our Savior

Hello All,

We are in the last dispensation. These are the latter days. Jesus Christ, our Master, cannot come again because we are not ready yet. He anxiously awaits for us to HURRY UP. So "LET IT BE KNOWN" to the world that Jesus Christ is our Savior. 

What does it actually mean that He is our Savior? Why did He have to die for us? How does His suffering make up for our mistakes? 

All of those are questions that I've had and I'm sure many others have as well. They are answered through the scriptures and through the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. Every bit of spiritual knowledge that I have obtained is founded upon faith as a first principle of the Gospel. We are told to experiment upon His words. I've taken it upon myself to do just this. As I exercise faith and diligence, I am rewarded accordingly as our Heavenly Father wills. Agency is certainly a bugger though. As we exercise it with righteous intents, good things happen. It's all very simple, but we complicate it with the natural man. 

Let it be known to the world that Jesus Christ is our Savior and sit back, relax, and take comfort in righteous living. Be an example of good, NOT a good example, and you will witness countless miracles, I certainly have. We are never too far beyond the reach of the saving power of the infinite and everlasting atonement. You can always choose to walk back into the light.

Elder Gillespie

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