Thursday, December 24, 2015

11/16/15 – Blessings for a New Missionary

Elders Hoffman & Gillespie in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Hello Everyone,

This has been the most facetious first week of a missionary’s mission ever. Pretty much every single day this week we had at the minimum one crazy thing happen! Now poor Elder Hoffman, my new missionary, has a false expectation that this is how the rest of his mission ought to be.

There are certainly some great things happening in this area. I have become absolutely infatuated with the people here and the work that is going on. I'm sad that I only have 4 months of my mission left to live. I feel as though I'm on top of the world in proselyting skills, in charity, in humility, in gratitude, etc. It will have to come to an end, and I will never get to experience a mission this way again. I know that there are greater things to come, but I love the joy that comes from touching the hearts of people in distress by the feelings of the Spirit. I really hope I get to stay in this area for the rest of my mission. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE. Though, "not my will, but thine be done". 

Elder Hoffman is a good missionary and he certainly has desires to serve. He has kind of been caught up in the headlights a bit still, but he is loosening up. I'm excited to continue working with him! 

The next few months are go time! 

Elder Gillespie

Picture above was received with this heart-warming email: 
We had the privilege of having your son Elder Gillespie and his companion for dinner this evening.  We enjoyed getting to know them better and look forward to seeing them again.  They left a wonderful message that touched our hearts. We have always enjoyed getting photos from our son's mission experiences...and thought you would like a photo of your son today also.  

The Petersen's

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