Thursday, December 24, 2015

11/30/15 – Great is My Joy in His Work

11/27/15 Former Missionary companions reunited at Bishop Whipple's home
(Elder) Jacob Olson & Elder Evan Gillespie


In all of the higgledy piggledy of the world, the only constants that exist are the absolute truths of the gospel. Everything else is left to interpretation and subject to change based on the current popular credence of society. The foundation that we establish as we follow Christ's teachings is vital to our survival in this world filled with the philosophies of man. THE ONLY WAY TO ESTABLISH THAT FOUNDATION IS THROUGH PRAYER, ERNEST AND DILIGENT SCRIPTURE STUDY, SABBATH OBSERVANCE, AND RIGHTEOUS LIVING. This is the secret to true success in life. I pray often to be an effective vessel of the Lord and only hope that his great and eternal purposes will come to pass for those of his children whom are placed in my path. Great is my joy in this work. Great is the love I have developed for all people everywhere. 

Elder Gillespie

Brian Kisely (Warglaven) is the man dressed in white to my left
 and he was baptized and confirmed this last weekend. 
His family is well on their way to being eternally united in the Temple. 

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