Thursday, December 24, 2015

12/14/15 – Keep the Commandments and Prosper

Hello Peeps,

The update, we had an awesome weekend! So many miracles this week as well! I've had so many tender experiences that would be inappropriate to share in this email to the general audience of friends and family, but I am grateful for the blessings that have been poured out upon me and those we know and love here in eastern Idaho. The Lord really does look after his flock and especially those that are seeking change and desire to that which is good in His sight. I love sitting down and reflecting upon events passed. I connect pieces here and there and I see God's hand in the midst of it all. I'm aware that he cares for my spiritual and temporal needs. Faith and prayer have become very much a part of who I am and what I do to become who my Father in Heaven desires of me. We had a baptism this weekend and in short this family has made drastic changes in just a couple of short months! They went from avoiding us at every opportunity to desiring to meet with us essentially daily! I love this family. I know Heavenly Father placed me here to meet this family. I know Heavenly Father placed me in Eastern Idaho for more reasons than what is comprehensible at the moment. I did not know I had the capacity to love as I now do. I enjoy the presence of the Spirit constantly as I strive to be entreated. If I were to leave dying words at this point in my life, they would be simple.
"Keep the commandments and prosper."

We all strive to have peace and happiness. We all seek that, whether we are conscious of it or unawares, that is our ultimate goal. We want that for ourselves and for our loved ones. In the chaotic insanity of the world today, the only things that will bring the fullness of peace and rest into our hearts is righteous living.

Love you all,

Elder Gillespie 

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