Sunday, January 17, 2016

1/11/16 - Boundless Gratitude

Hello Everyone,

There is so much to the gospel! It's so simple, but the learning does not stop! I only hope that I've served the Lord to the utmost of satisfaction to Him these past 22 months. I've been grateful for all of the growing opportunities I've been given. I have gained a greater love of my Heavenly Father and for the people whom we interact with daily. Sometimes it seems overwhelming with all of the weaknesses I'm working to overcome. All I can do is keep building my foundation of faith and pray that I will be forgiven of my shortcomings.

The end of my full-time missionary service is fast approaching and there is yet much to do. We will find out what happens with transfers two Thursdays from now. I'm not really excited for that call. The IDEAL situation, in my opinion, is that Elder Hoffman and I stay here for another transfer and we tie up some loose ends. 

I will never forget the people I have met. I will never forget the love I've felt. I will never forget the testimony I've gained. I will never forget my experiences as an instrument in the Lord's hands. I know that those experiences have been for me personally. I'm grateful to have walked the same path of conversion that many of our investigators and returning members make. I've walked right alongside them as we have helped each other. I have tears of gratitude for the wonderful experiences I've had as I reminisce about the light that the Lord has shone on me and my life. I've become deeply rooted in my knowledge of God's plan and I will not be shaken. All that I am is because I've laid everything on the altar, and allowed our Savior’s matchless sacrifice to work miracles. I've given all that I have to personally develop into all that He is. He is the pearl beyond price. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Redeemer. Much work is ahead of me, but I am not alone.

Elder Gillespie

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