Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1/18/16 – No End to God's Goodness

Hello Everybody,

I've loved the good that comes from service as a full-time missionary. I'm not excited to be finished with this calling. There's been many priceless pearls I've picked up along my journey. As I've traveled from area to area, companion to companion, the only real journey I've taken is the journey within. I feel good about what the Lord has done for me and I feel like I did a fairly good job of keeping myself well-oiled and prepped for sounding the music of the Gospel as an instrument in His hands. Heavenly Father not only has a plan for us collectively, but he has prepared plans for us as individuals so that we are setup for success in this life and eternal life in the life to come. We are each dealt a different hand. President Hancock (our Mission President) is a rancher and he shared with us, as a mission, this statement, "If the cows get out, you deal with it." That's the short version. In essence, his comment is meant to guide us into understanding that no matter what happens in life, you deal with it. The good the bad, and when this life is over you will come to discover the treasures you've laid up for yourself in heaven, because you chose to deal with it. If we instead buckle from the pressures of life, if we give up, if we believe in Satan's lies, we will find that we missed out on important lessons that we needed to learn in this life. I've been a bystander witnessing the trials of so many different people throughout my service as a missionary. I'm grateful for that. I've gained perspective that likely could not have otherwise been gained. I've gained a great love for people and an understanding of who they really are under the weaknesses, flaws, and blemishes that we see. I'm excited to continue working hard as a servant of our loving Heavenly Father.


Elder Gillespie

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