Sunday, January 17, 2016

1/4/16 – Excited for the New Year and for Life Eternal!

"Your son is an awesome Missionary."
Yes, YES he IS!!! --- Here are Elders Gillespie & Hoffman.
Hello Friends and Family,

I don't like having days off as a missionary. Christmas and New Year’s Day we had all day preparation days. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve we had partial preparation days from 5 to 9pm. We ALSO had our regular Monday preparation days from 10 to 6. I feel like we did nothing the last couple of weeks.. 

On the upside... We are back to regular proselyting! So I'm excited about that. My time is short and I'm ready to learn what the Lord has for me to learn for the remainder of my service in this capacity. I'm excited for the New Year and for life eternal!

Elder Chillespie

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