Sunday, February 14, 2016

2/1/16 – Highland

Hello Hello,

I love this area. It will be fun serving in the uppity part of the mission! We cover 13 wards. I hope to be able to get tons done while here. It's unfortunate I won't have much time to work, but it is what it is I suppose. My companion Elder Gillingham is a beast, he was born in England, raised in France, and moved to St. George a year before coming out on his mission. He has an English accent. He's been out for three months and he is a great teacher! 

Highland is fun though, it's odd to be in such a well off area though. I have no time this Preparation day, I apologize for the bum email! 

Elder Gillespie

1/25/16 - Last Hoorah


This upcoming transfer will be my final. The unfortunate news is that I will be getting moved to Highland for my last transfer. Elder Gillingham will be my new companion. He started his mission 3 months ago. Highland is a fairly well to do area of Pocatello. It's also the stake that President and Sister Hancock live in. I'm not super excited to be leaving for my last transfer. I don't know that I will truly accomplish much in the short time that I have left. I will work hard, keep my eyes and ears open to whatever it is the Lord has for me to experience. I don't have too much else to really update you on.

Love you all,
Elder Gillespie

Note – Evan is once again called into a leadership position – and a wonderful way to end his Mission!  Here is the letter he received from his Mission President:

“Dear Elder Evan Gillespie,

Congratulations on your assignment to serve as District Leader. With this assignment, great trust has been placed in you. I encourage you to be an example for all over whom you preside in at least the following ways:

*  Exact Obedience-the blessings that come to missionaries, who are obedient with exactness, are immeasurable, and by being an example you will be able to help the missionaries in your district be obedient.

*  A Preach My Gospel missionary so that you can show the missionaries in your district how to be successful.

*  A Leader who lifts and inspires the missionaries with love.

*  A Missionary who is focused on your purpose to bring others to Christ

*  A leader who is diligent, humble and hard working.

Teach the missionaries that baptism is central to our purpose to bringing others to Christ, and through your example show them how to baptize. Remember to call upon your Heavenly Father and He will qualify you for this work as you rely upon him in faith. You can also call on your zone leaders, the Assistants, and me for counsel and guidance.

Serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength in furthering this work. It is a privilege to work with you in this leadership role.


Gene E Hancock, President
Idaho Pocatello Mission”