Saturday, March 12, 2016

2/8/16 – Work goes on in Highland

Elders Gillespie & Gillingham with Erick at a YSA Baptism in the Idaho Pocatello Mission

Elders Gillespie & Gillingham - Idaho Pocatello Mission

So the update.. this area is fun to be in. A lot of the senior missionaries in the mission live here. I love them. We can just stop by at our Mission President’s house whenever we want, according to the laws of reason, obviously.  I don't know if anyone has heard of the Shaytards, but they live in this stake that I work in. Shay Carl started a YouTube series of just daily life with his family and now he's very successful because of it. I hope to get a picture with him before I leave the area. I kinda fangirled it when I found out that he and his family live here. There is a Mormon message on called "Our Family Fun Vacation". So that's pretty chill. 

We're super busy here in Highland. We cover 12 wards in the stake and then we also cover the YSA ward that covers the Highland boundaries. We just had a baptism in the YSA ward last Saturday (pic included). His name is Erick, I hope he decides to go on a Mission, he'd be an astounding missionary. Lots of work to be done here before I get home. After all that I've learned on my mission, I've simply come to realize I know NOTHING about all that is there for us to know in the eternities. I'm really not that excited to come home, but I will say that I'm super excited to listen to the endless supply of music I have yet to discover. 

Love ya,
Elder Gillespie

Elder Evan Gillespie - a TRUE Guitar Hero Missionary in the Idaho Pocatello Mission

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